Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowman Contest in New Babbage

A new contest was started in New Babbage this year....started by urchin Master Vivi Boxen the Snowman Lookalike Contest was great fun! Flatteringly yours truly was portrayed in snow by two talented builders. Dr. Watson & Peril Klaxon...Capt. Snowellyn and Snow Mer Rouge

I've been in Second Life for more than two years now and i've avoided the lure and addiction that is building quite successfully ......until now. Inspired by Miss Ceejay Writer's modern art expression of Kaylee Frye exploding and the recent Snowman building competition!

My first attempt i couldn't quite get the whole alpha texture for The Hat™ i was also told that my rum bottle looked like poison......soo.....i fixed him!

After advice from Mr. Tenk and Dr. Obolensky on how to save & upload an alpha texture from Photoshop....and thus The Hat™ could shine on its own....AND i added a Capt. Smythe's Randy Rum

And though, it's just a snowman i really did feel so very proud! I also added a Ganplank advert sign which gave a landmark when touched...

Having completed that it inspired me to make one for Dr. O.....which he flatteringly placed

in front of his store Cad & Bounder!
All the snowman pics can be seen here....on my Flickr Gallery
So inspired by the snowmen i created a display in my backyard with donated snowmen from the builders of my favourite snowmen!

Posing with Dr. Watson the creator and Balor who seems very proud to have been included!

Balor gazes with adoration and seems in love with SnowDr. Watson & Mr. Holmes-men much to Dr. Watson's amusement!

I was so inspired by this new building frenzy i improved the texture on my Steamhorse Elevator platform. With permission from the builder Miss Cannoli Capalini i created a similar texture to the elevator and photoshopped it, then uploaded it to SL and voila!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Caledon Oxbridge University in Second Life

from the Caledon Oxbridge University Wiki:
"Caledon Oxbridge was originally founded as a collaboration between NCI and the Independent State of Caledon. It provides a complete Second Life tutorial for new residents. Based on the theme of an old English university, the Orientation is spread over six "Colleges", each covering a different area of the Second Life interface and world: Avatar Motion, Camera Controls, Communications, Search & Inventory, Avatar Customization, and Money & Commmerce. The tutorial experience includes not only traditional orientation posters, but also interactive exercises, free full avatars, and prizes. Caledon Oxbridge also incorporates three "Residence Halls", offering a short term apartment and prim allotment to new players, and a branch of the Caledon Library. "
Here's an introductory video about Caledon Oxbridge University!
GoAnimate.com: Second Life Tour 2: Caledon Oxbridge University by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Visit in-world! Here's the SLURL (you will need to already be a member of Second Life to visit) and whilst you are there be sure to click on the Oxbridge University Map (created by Mr. Marion Questi) and keep the offered note card that gives you plenty of useful landmarks to various locations at the University.

The Mr. Desmond Shang, the Caledon Guvnah, created and philanthropically supports this world with a myriad of dedicated volunteers such as Mr. Carl Metropolitan, Miss Fogwoman Grey, and Dean Martini Discovolante as a helpful destination for all those who are new to Second Life and who wish a comprehensive and visually informative way to learn the skills needed to thrive in this 3-D virtual world.
"Oxbridge is easily the best education center and entry point for any avatar in SL" - TriloByte Zanzibar

AND....you can even take sleigh rides!

Caledon Oxbridge University a beautiful destination for new residents to Second Life or for anyone who would like to brush up on in-world skills, take a class, or just soak up the lovely collegiate atmosphere!

I also created a Visit Caledon Oxbridge sign that gives out a note card of landmarks & a direct LM to the Uni as well as the ability to take a FREE copy of the sign for use elsewhere in-world which I've placed out on both of my properties in New Babbage.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Cad & Bounder Presents: The Squid

From the New Babbage Aether Ning by Doctor Obolensky

This speedy two-avatar sub is small and narrow to easily explore narrow waterways.


* Seats a pilot and a brave passenger!
* Choice of Hovertext info display or worn HUD for info on throttle, speed, and depth!
* Bubble trail!
* Wriggly tentacles!
* Ink Spray to aid in escaping sticky situations!
* Beacon script notifies owner of sub's location every two hours!
* ICS 3.0 combat system enabled (500 pt hull, medium ram).
* Alacrity Mode for even quicker escapes!

(Cad & Bounder not responsible for engine damage, bodily harm, or cleaning bills, in the event Alacrity Mode is ever used, or ramming is attempted versus anything larger than a small duck.)

The Squid is, of course, completely flawless. But, by chance you are inexplicably transported to an alternate plane of reality where the impossible happens, and The Squid malfunctions in some manner, do feel free, or perhaps even feel strangely compelled, to report the issue to me.

-Doctor G. Obolensky, Cad & Bounder

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Babbage%20Square/186/202/106

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fleet Week - New Babbage

As seen through the talented eye of Master Loki Elliott

His work, as always, fills me with wonder, awe and this time, a sad regret that i was unable to attend the grandeur.

Another amazing artist, but this one with glass plates and exploding powders - Mr. PJ Trenton shares his images from this momentous event. One may also read more in the The Aetheric Log : the Primgraph.

Another talented photographer is Mr. Wildstar Beaumont - who also participated and won in several categories during the glorious event. The next two photos show just a hint of his many talents.

Though it is with a heavy regretful heart that I missed this spectacular event...the coordination of many including our own Miss Breezy Carver
and our City's Maceholder, Aeleous Cleanslate

The above two photos by Miss Bookworm Henrichs.
These images... both still and moving refelect the sound and beauty of what happens with regularity in the realm of New Babbage, Second Life.

The snow will come soon...bringing its cold hush to the cobbled streets of our city, the ringing clang of the passing trolley...and with it more events that warm the heart. Which reminds me of a particular favourite event that I threw last year...the Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight as seen here with my old factory in the background.

I need to spend some more time in New Babbage...The soot has nearly left my lungs and I am bereft without the sweet sting to my eyes and the wonder of the city.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lonely Clank Visits Chalotte & Brings Steampunk Love to Librarians!

Webisode 1: Lonely Clank

Librarians?! Yes, that's right....My RL self is going to and presenting at a national librarian conference in Charlotte, NC! Here are the 3 Steampunk styled webisodes i created promoting the Bloggers' Cafe ... yours truly has been named one of the official bloggers for the conference...so please dear friends & neighbors...forgive me if i am not around New Babbage much. AND if you see me in-world during the day Friday...know that i'm showing off our city to a bunch of mun librarians ....and wotcher salty language! LOL
Webisode 2: Clank & Cecily

Webisode 3: Simon Misses Clank

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dancing in Winterfell: Second Life Machinima

Watch more videos of Second Life

My gorgeous wonderful friend has made a lovely Second Life Machinima...in her words: "Dancing alone on the Celtic circle on the shores of Winterfell Harbor, mystical island in Winterfell, Second Life." Thank you dear Miss Eleanor Anderton....for your gift to us all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Second Life Tour 1: Interactive Books & Libraries

GoAnimate.com: Second Life Tour 1: Interactive Books & Libraries by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

GoAnimate is way cool....a bit addictive...i even created my own character! (like i needed another avatar! LOL) but this one is my RL redheaded librarian avatar....gonna teach other librarians about GoAnimate, Second Life, and the cool libraries and resources at a conference in a few weeks in Charlotte NC...thought i would share it with my SL peeps, too!

a huge thanks to Sir JJ Drinkwater & Sir Zen for the interactive book case... thanks to Viv Trafalgar for creating the teleport HUD (see earlier post for those orig pics!) and thanks to dear Torley for the Caledon, Victoria City pic i used....with credit!

GoAnimate.com: Cat Conversations with Buster & Boo

GoAnimate.com: Cat Conversations with Buster & Boo by gwyneth

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silly Hat September Rezday Fete and My Two Years in SL

September Silly Hat Rezday Fete
Time: September 25, 2009 from 1:30pm to 4pm
Location: Capt. Red's Revenge Pub
Street: Wheatstone Waterways
"This month, Capt. Red and Dr. Watson celebrate their second and fourth rezdays, just a few days apart, so they've resolved to split the difference and have a small joint celebration on the 25th.

The Captain suggested a theme of silly hats (incredible headgear being a famed speciality of New Babbage) and Doctor K. added that no such party is complete without some form of moustache-based celebration.

For the faint-hearted or fair-follicled, do not fear -- Be assured that such outgrowths are not compulsory."
  • Sharp Shooting Prizes!
  • Free Flowing Potent (and Almost Entirely Legal) Rum! Absinthe and Cake!
  • The Wiggy Undertone Special Dunk Tank
  • Merry Go Round!
for more pics of us in silly hats posing for the poster please go here...

And now i reflect on my two years on the grid...i with much chagrin share the first picture from orientation island wearing my noob skin and finding i couldn't figure out how to detatch the damn torch!

thinking about my embarassing early days Growing up In SL....(and my first day on the grid!) ....squatting on the West of Ireland and Dublin ...exploring Liquid Heat's Halloween Sim as little red riding hood

my first real home....

my beloved Queen Anne's Revenge in Silent's Folly - Wando where i was a Captain of a lucrative pirate shipping venture. Some may ask Who is Capt. Red Llewellyn? Well, she's just a merry widow, of course! a girl who also enjoys her life underwater

....also places i've lived on the grid before Exploring New Babbage....falling in love with our fair sooty city and..buying my factory during a late night shopping trip with my first Babbage friend and still dear darling Miss Breezy Carver. Exploring New Babbage with old friend Mr. Wiggy Undertone finding out that a Stunning Clank Stands Guard

Answering the Call of Cthulu with the first Mayor of New Babbage Mr. Shaunathan Sprockett

Then employing my wicked wiles on certain nefarious types by admitting that

Evil Doctors do Funny Things to Me later breaking into and getting discovered in Clockspire Cove. later finding that he had my portrait in his evil jail! in Dr. O's Lair a Familliar Face Blurry but Distinct... Remembering and enjoying the Movie & Pics from the Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight... ....[sighs] so MANY amazing memories....Buying my first Airship! over a year ago..i love you New Babbage....i love all my dear friends...from Caledon to Steelhead...Silent's Folly to Winterfell....i was VERY honored to have been chosen to participate in Stockings! How Shocking! Miss Autopilotpatty's Poppy's Exhibit... i've been very happy living here..and 2 years on the grid went like that! [snaps] A warm rummy hug and kisses to all the lovely people who have enriched my life these past two years!

To the Skies! to the Ports! to the Waterways! to Science! to New Babbage! to the Grid!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lady Ga Ga Goes Steampunk?... I think!

Lady Ga Ga's Gown for the VMA

she "donned a black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Dragon print silk underlay from Gaultier’s fall/winter ready to wear collection. She accessorized the look with a Keko Hainswheeler neck brace and Kiko jewelry. "

Lady Ga Ga has always had an...umm ..unusual taste in frocks, or bodysuits with hoods, or sparkly panties....
See more photos of Lady Gaga's wackiest outfits!
but this is the first i've seen her don anything remotely Steampunky....

Oh and if you're wondering...Who is Lady Ga Ga...she's an American recording artist who is "inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. She is also inspired by fashion, which she claims is an essential component to her songwriting and performances. She is also very supportive of the gay community, crediting them for her early mainstream success."

So, is it Steampunk or just Freaky? or Freaky Cool? Or like Little Miss Uchin Myrtil said on our Ning "Does she not look like an SL Avatar?" Thoughts?!

picture from this article

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red's Revenge Pub: New Drinking Establishment in Wheatstone

Announcing a New Steampunk Pirate Pub
in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage!

After the destruction of my factory in New Babbage by disgruntled workers (see previous post) ...apparently i fed them too much and didn't beat them enough! i decided to rebuild!
i threw a shameless and obscene amount of Lindens to the famous architect Canolli Capalini to create a pirate pub from her Workshop plans that lured me from Across the Canal... beams & wood hauled in from the shipyard added with bricks & glass...built upon the ruins of a metal steampunk factory....jerry rigged this and a bit of that...ladders to elevators and such

..think Victorian Pirate meets Science! funk...all comprising a fun place to hang out richly decorated and reflecting my past exploits upon the seas. (and yes, i am available for hire as an interior decorator & landscaping artist for those who want to be prim & price conscience!)
Upon entering you'll be greeted by the lovely stained glass.....

As always, complimentary Rum & Cookies is available for urchins, scamps & visitors.

Plenty of drinks can be found by tapping the kegs of spirits from Mr. Gatsby Szuster's fine distillery. (and from my pivate stash) Look for the display to dispense fine (but a wee bit potent) glasses of Absinthe
Frolic in the Absinthe glass...(green fairy costume optional) and enjoy the lovely painting by esteemed detective & artist Mr. Sherlock Holmes (Elina Koskinen) Relax in the many comfortable (and intimate) seating groups. Try your strength with the Arm Wrestling table. Get warm before the many fireplaces...select a book to read with your sherry.... Belly up to the bar for a fine selection of ales and Scrumpy!

Just be careful...this pub can be a wee bit rough...and a great source for Adventure! (and fun pictures!) Poor Miss Sera! ...Foully Murdered! But she got better!

Get Murdered!...or practice your Sword Dancing.

Upstairs you will find a lovely and more refined space for dancing.

And of course..the back gardens are available for strolling...and enjoying the fountain and the shooting gallery!

I will, however, vehemently deny the rumours of hooka pipes and an opium den in the top floor glass garret! Lies! Lies, i say!

Capt. Red's Revenge (named after the famous G.S. Distillery Rum!) is open to the public around the clock and is available for hire for special events, parties, & dances!

Pray, feel free to contact Capt. Red Llewellyn through here or in-world via note card. (i also can be hired for party planning during Euro hours and if available)Now Open to the Public! Please Stop by for a libation at any time!
More pics can be found HERE

ps. there also is a lovely Widows Walk to enjoy amazing views...as Miss Sera and I are doing... IF you can find it~!!!