Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowman Contest in New Babbage

A new contest was started in New Babbage this year....started by urchin Master Vivi Boxen the Snowman Lookalike Contest was great fun! Flatteringly yours truly was portrayed in snow by two talented builders. Dr. Watson & Peril Klaxon...Capt. Snowellyn and Snow Mer Rouge

I've been in Second Life for more than two years now and i've avoided the lure and addiction that is building quite successfully ......until now. Inspired by Miss Ceejay Writer's modern art expression of Kaylee Frye exploding and the recent Snowman building competition!

My first attempt i couldn't quite get the whole alpha texture for The Hat™ i was also told that my rum bottle looked like poison......soo.....i fixed him!

After advice from Mr. Tenk and Dr. Obolensky on how to save & upload an alpha texture from Photoshop....and thus The Hat™ could shine on its own....AND i added a Capt. Smythe's Randy Rum

And though, it's just a snowman i really did feel so very proud! I also added a Ganplank advert sign which gave a landmark when touched...

Having completed that it inspired me to make one for Dr. O.....which he flatteringly placed

in front of his store Cad & Bounder!
All the snowman pics can be seen here....on my Flickr Gallery
So inspired by the snowmen i created a display in my backyard with donated snowmen from the builders of my favourite snowmen!

Posing with Dr. Watson the creator and Balor who seems very proud to have been included!

Balor gazes with adoration and seems in love with SnowDr. Watson & Mr. Holmes-men much to Dr. Watson's amusement!

I was so inspired by this new building frenzy i improved the texture on my Steamhorse Elevator platform. With permission from the builder Miss Cannoli Capalini i created a similar texture to the elevator and photoshopped it, then uploaded it to SL and voila!

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Rai Blaylock said...

OMG! That is such a cute neat idea for a contest. So adorable.