Friday, October 31, 2008

in Dr. O's Lair a Familliar Face Blurry but Distinct

after the raid upon the lair she was invited up to meet the new GOOD Dr. Obolensky....

she descended down the folding staircase, spiraling marquetry stairs into the was grey, cavernous and cold. a thick haze hung like lampreys upon the metal floors and drifted up as if swimming and searching
in a corner ...she spied a cage..more like a jail, a red blur drew her eye and lured to inspect it closer...she turns to him and as he 's twirling his mustache with unabashed delight and pride and exclaims "only fair was it? since you saw yourself placed within my prison you thought to put me in yours?" he only chuckled and twirled the mustache again but with an ironic twinkle.

later, upstairs he convinced her (she still does not know how!) to get into a new monstrosity he created...and as he sat in his large throne pistons and and metal knobs thrust in and out steam rising she felt herself gently pummeled from all sides...but it tickled more than hurt.

riding the whooshing tube that is his lift she is once more on the ground level...or more like the sea level of the island. there he shows her the soon to be Pirate Pub listing and careening to one side..."what is that upon the floor red paint?" [she asks wryly again he chuckles in reply.....a dance proved the old reprobate was more spry than he appears...and she toys with the idea of dabbling in her old avocation once more...ahh to be on the water with a prey in sight and plunder to pillage.....

an homage to Clockspire Cove...i could hide these images no longer.

Dreaming of Derbyshire Dales

and the fields were verdant even in the haze..the stone pillars rising from the mound as if the broken jagged teeth of a long forgotten but sleeping warrior fallen upon hard times and soft turf. the cows pay no attention.... they graze on as i gaze on. enraptured.

i'm hiding here! [the sprite said in sotto voice with warning eyes]
don't peer too closely, my house is threefold and fecund.

and as we awoke and emerged from the thin coverings of our wool blankets we found the ground alive with earth's steam and the promise of a new day

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Havisham Maid

"Look at me." said Miss Havisham. "You are not afraid of a woman who has not seen the sun since before you were born?"

Great Expectations, Charles Dickens.

inspired by this scrap of lace and a little brown sparrow
who inspires me greatly!!! and inspires me to spend real money....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL: One of the Best (in a Long Time!)

last night i logged off SL and was intending to go to bed...then i saw a few posts on the Ning to respond to (yes Edward...driving 3000 miles would take a few days!..[grins])
and i was watching the opening to SLN and O...M...G! was freaking hilarious!
must to watch!

and the hilarity did NOT this Weekend Update segment!

last time i laughed this hard was when Lazy Sunday first aired!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Steampunk Treehouse

Photo by Zachary Wasserman
in my research for the garden behind Llewellyn Industries...featuring topiary, a dance floor, and a steampunk tree house.... (yes, i am still that much of a kid! and i was terribly jealous of Mara's beautiful treehouse!) i came across this beautiful installation! i give you the Steampunk Treehouse! in the words of Viv Trafalger... "oh! WANT.

From Nick Winterhalter

photo by rockgirl2670

i must admit that talented dear and now GOOD Doctor Obolensky just surprised me with a design he whipped up this morning after i told him about my search! how terribly kind!! pictures of THAT can be found HERE!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Shopping Tips & Freebies!

showing off my new FREE topiary tree to a nice neighbor....

i love shopping and freebies! i blogged back in early August sharing some SL good tips but here are some more! on the pics below for the full size version

FREE Topiary Sculpture Tree with 2 sits!
it looks very steampunk to my warped vision...i see circles and i see gears...i have always adored topiary trees...

isn't it just delish? the store looks like this!

now...let's talk hair!

FREE HAIR! (for men and women!)
Savior Hair: The Second Life Hair Journal
The blog authors have opened a storefront office that has over 35 freebies or $1 hairdo's!

FREE Haloween Dresses!!! and FREE Haloween Low Prim & Grim! from the amazingly talented artist and designer Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros (one of my FAV stores!..sad but i own EVERY victorian gown and several steampunk ones!)
Go up to the second floor....turn right and look for the pumpkin on the floor of free halloween goodiies... and then go straight back and in the left corner of the store in a box on the floor under a stone alter/table you'll see the above gown for $0L
now...turn around to your right and just under the display on the floor is a green witch gown for $0L!

the first dress includes an amazing novelty tophat...with a cemetary, a small bat emitter and a storm cloud!

as well as a regular cute small tophat...

Mountain of FREE gowns from DeFleur
mountain of free gowns and dressy suits for women and dandy men

and for taking pics of your's a bouoir Posing Chair

Burlesque Beauties: Nights at the Champagne Rooms

the Champagne Rooms really are an amusing, diverting and a stimulating place to visit or take a date....

they have a lovely show and delightful hostesses...but i must say i think it would be nice if they had British or East Coast friendly hours.....staying up late does take its toll! but what a small price to pay for such delightful diversions!

at this lovely place you can dance, have a drink, and see the show of a bevy of fine burlesque beauties showing off their ahem....graceful talents.

there's a lovely moon at the top of the stairs that makes a perfect place to perch and watch the goings on or a pretty photo spot.....

even our own evil Doctor Obolensky
took a break from his menacing machinations to enjoy a night out at the Champagne Rooms! and even our Mayor is known for being a *very* generous tipper...of course, i also tip very well....lovely girls just trying to make a living and buy extra fripperies!

his monocle popped out when the gorgeous Miss Ahnya stopped by to show off her beautiful plumage!

Miss Ceejay was looking gorgeous as ever in her Ivalde gown...

my gown is the Rebel Hope Designs - Clara Bow Blue and Teal Mix comes with the pearls, headband and boa....and yes, i have just about every colour! LOL

a great time was had by all! .....they even offered me a job there dancing! though i obviously don't need the money i was very flattered.....and i do have an extensive wardrobe of frilly lacy bits...Hmmm maybe i should just for a lark.....something to think about.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot Books: the Caledon Interactive Bookcase

i was very pleased and gratified to have Mr. JJ Drinkwater of the Caledon Library give to me a very special bookcase...using scripts provided by our own ZenModo Wormser this bookcase is very interactive and actually gives out books that you can read in-world! (pray, gentle on any picture below for a Full Size version!)

click on the bookcase to get a selection of titles

keep the book that they give you as an object...the cool thing is that they are only 1 prim and they can be used as real clickable books! scatter them around your house! put them on a shelf or a table for the enjoyment of your guests! read them at your leisure!

rez the object on a shelf or a table then click on it
it will ask do you want to visit the Aetheric version of that book...choose Go to Page

from here you can read the book, in its original form...clicking from page to page!

such a wonderous resource to have! if you want to see these boockcases in action and in person borrowing copies for yourself....i have two of these bookcases in my factory, Llewellyn Industries in New Babbage and also on my ship The Queen Anne's Revenge, Wando in my Chart Room & Study. you are welcome to drop by and read to your heart's content or take the books back with you to your house!
Cheers darlings!
~Capt. Red

here are the other closeups of the books available!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dark Water Rising... Songs from the Murky Depths

dark water rising... songs from the water

"i'm not gonna lie, i'll not be a gentleman behind the boathouse"

Toadies - Possum Kingdom
"i heard her hollar, i heard her moan
little fish big fish swimming in the water come back here and give me my daughter......"

and of course.... a favourite.... 6 Months in a Leaky Boat - Split Enz
enjoy the 1:42 entry.....relax....taste the salt and hear the squeak of the lines

and though i'm not usually a country fan...this is more blues...and it just...well, speaks to me.
can't embed it so go HOME
straight from the water....

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Nice to Have a Vice!.....

Indulging in Vices with Friends

as i always say "it's our vices....more than our virtues.... that make us interesting"
....the other day i was thrilled and oh so happy to spend some quality time smoking the Hookah pipe with two of my oldest and best friends on the grid...
Miss Eleanor Anderton and Miss June Wozniak...sadly missing were our dears Serafina and was Miss Eleanor's Rez day...and we had lots to celebrate and catch up on... soap bubbles and untoward machinations and one of us wears the drama crown (not i! though i was a runner up!) ....pretty much we agreed that we all should cultivate those girl friends that support us rather than plot against us (or set us up for sure disapointment) how sad to find out that a girl you thought was a friend could DO something like that to another friend! knowingly!

which led us to tick off those things girls do spitefully, meanly, thoughtlessly to each other that we all deplore.........i've had girls go after guys i fancied (and called dibs on!) just to see if they could as a challenge... and brag about it.
i mean, really... that's not a good friend! (of course that friend was later caught nekkid in bed with said dibbed guy by her poor duped partner and her best lie was that she needed lindens for the tier! Me-ow!) but i digress.....that kind of friend i do NOT need....nor any girl should trust...

there are also those annoying girls who have to always have the last tiresome....and who blather on and on nauseum just to hear the sound of their own voices (or posts) or throw us under the bus for the latest "homme du jour" many girls do make themselves seem more important....those who vociferously protest to be one thing but really act otherwise..i really cannot stand hypocrites....self-richeous sorts....who are so busy thinking of the next witty thing to say to puff themselves up rather than to really get to know anyone.
....of course Eleanor, June, Sera, Ceejay, Breezy and Auds are not like that!
thank goodness and that's why i adore them so! and i know there are other friends to be out there who are also sweet and generous and not thinking only about themselves (Bettye!)...those girls are a joy to discover....because of course i adore men (and one Mayoral type in particular) but it's our girl friends who are there for us ...pre and post homme!....through good times and bad,..happy and sad...and for shopping!

....June...ahhh how i could rhapsodize about dear funny smart and beautiful June ....i miss her...she's not around a lot... just as i miss dear Gilbert Sapwood. a guy friend who is so close to my heart and mind....
so, it's our friends that define much more than mere acquaintances....
loyalty. honesty. generosity. kindness and berevity...these are the things we should cultivate!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dr. Watson Does it Again!

Dr. John H. Watson...aka Elilka Sieyes artistry and talent strikes again! thank you for the lovely portrait!
i am in high alt! tis just so dreamy, pensive, and thoughtful...and something i can finally show my dear mother!
thank you Dr. Watson! thank you so much!
~Capt. Red

Friday, October 03, 2008

R.F. Burton Memorial Library of New Babbage

its very exciting the grand opening of the R.F.Burton library of New Babbage is this weekend! Saturday in the canals of New Babbage 5pmSLT.
it is quite well known that don't often lift a finger to build much...
though i am an infatigable shopper! here are the pics from my herculian efforts to help and make a notecard giving sign for the opening!

i created the sign in my of the only non-lethal creations ever made there! ahem!
then i took it down to the new library and placed it!

now i'm completely exhausted! is it ale:thirty yet, loves?

Lovely Autumnal Blooms

thank you dear Shaun for the lovely flowers
delivered to my Library!

the vase they came in is amazingly gorgeous!
very craftsman art deco art pottery style & it
matches the cashmere sweater i'm wearing today!

...the note was lovely, too! [blushes and takes a myspacian over
the head picture of herself with them before one of her co-workers
or students catch her.....grins]
my day is very much brighter because of your