Monday, September 14, 2009

Lady Ga Ga Goes Steampunk?... I think!

Lady Ga Ga's Gown for the VMA

she "donned a black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress with Dragon print silk underlay from Gaultier’s fall/winter ready to wear collection. She accessorized the look with a Keko Hainswheeler neck brace and Kiko jewelry. "

Lady Ga Ga has always had an...umm ..unusual taste in frocks, or bodysuits with hoods, or sparkly panties....
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but this is the first i've seen her don anything remotely Steampunky....

Oh and if you're wondering...Who is Lady Ga Ga...she's an American recording artist who is "inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. She is also inspired by fashion, which she claims is an essential component to her songwriting and performances. She is also very supportive of the gay community, crediting them for her early mainstream success."

So, is it Steampunk or just Freaky? or Freaky Cool? Or like Little Miss Uchin Myrtil said on our Ning "Does she not look like an SL Avatar?" Thoughts?!

picture from this article

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