Friday, August 15, 2008

Exploring New Babbage

Under the Vernian Sea
(pray, click on any image in this blog to see the full size)

you know...i was asked by a friend why i am so intrigued with Second Life...when i have a very happy full social RL going...but for me...i'm viscerally drawn to the visual imagery in SL
(i may have mentioned this before! LOL) that's also why i wander, explore, seek, imagine, and marvel at the wonders that have been wrought in pixels and i explore..i HAVE to take pictures! and of course as Vain as i am i have to BE IN most of them! LOL

such a beautiful room....wonders what it's used for....sits and takes a break from Exporing

jumping for joy for being in New Babbage...i love interactive builds! you step on them...
and then find yourself jumping for joy! it's fun!

the mechanics of this build are mesmerizing

i always need to wet my whistle after exploring!

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