Friday, October 31, 2008

in Dr. O's Lair a Familliar Face Blurry but Distinct

after the raid upon the lair she was invited up to meet the new GOOD Dr. Obolensky....

she descended down the folding staircase, spiraling marquetry stairs into the was grey, cavernous and cold. a thick haze hung like lampreys upon the metal floors and drifted up as if swimming and searching
in a corner ...she spied a cage..more like a jail, a red blur drew her eye and lured to inspect it closer...she turns to him and as he 's twirling his mustache with unabashed delight and pride and exclaims "only fair was it? since you saw yourself placed within my prison you thought to put me in yours?" he only chuckled and twirled the mustache again but with an ironic twinkle.

later, upstairs he convinced her (she still does not know how!) to get into a new monstrosity he created...and as he sat in his large throne pistons and and metal knobs thrust in and out steam rising she felt herself gently pummeled from all sides...but it tickled more than hurt.

riding the whooshing tube that is his lift she is once more on the ground level...or more like the sea level of the island. there he shows her the soon to be Pirate Pub listing and careening to one side..."what is that upon the floor red paint?" [she asks wryly again he chuckles in reply.....a dance proved the old reprobate was more spry than he appears...and she toys with the idea of dabbling in her old avocation once more...ahh to be on the water with a prey in sight and plunder to pillage.....

an homage to Clockspire Cove...i could hide these images no longer.

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