Sunday, September 21, 2008

a Stunning Clank Stands Guard

Mr. Undertone today was traveling by the scene of the suspicious fire in the Canals of New Babbage when he spied a suspicious clank standing guard at some seemingly empty factory. knowing i love adventure he sent for me and as i arrived...i put away my useless butterfly net and we instpected the metal beastie.

Be WARNED good people of New Babbage...this clank is DANGEROUS!....
Oh dear! Mr. Undertone! Do take care!

Oh No! ouchie! ....what? that dastardly clank! i hit it with a ringing bell tone of my fist and i found myself .....

flat on my back!

i daresay this beastie could hurt our dear DELICATE scamps if they should venture too near with their chainsawswords and bombs dear crutches and threadbare clothes! Be WARNED good people.....

now...why is that thing guarding an EMTPY warehouse? could it be this??

What? a hidden steamboat!??

Gee...whose could it be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

(story related with permission as Mr. Undertone was occupied searching for land to build upon....i hope i did well in the re-telling of the events of the day but please sir...correct or add as needed.)

1 comment:

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

This looks both suspicious and overly familiar. Take care, Fraulein Captain. The carelessly secured load can be as fatal as the accurately-aimed projectile.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron