Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reddylocks: Searching For a Home in Second Life

in this my second winter in Second Life i find i'm looking forward to it more than i thought! ...especially now that i'm living in New Babbage! (and somewhere hidden in Silent's Folly) and i find myself just a bit relfective...upon how i GOT here...
when you first join SL you wander......a lot. there is SO much to see...and so much you don't want to see! so many blingtronic places and advertising malls...FREEBIE islands and people who walk around in outfits they would never wear (hopefully) out in RL and sometimes nekkid with HUGE phaluses jutting forth. earlier when i started this blog i showed how my AVA (avatar) changed...from my ugly first skin and clothes to how i look i wanna talk about the places i've lived and my search for a home and a community that felt....just RIGHT.

last year i went to Deadwood a lot...because it snowed a LOT there....i hadn't really learned how to edit clothes well back then (and still not so great!)..and my boobs always pushed out of my Prim & Proper cape...(gosh i miss that store!) Deadwood was nice but i seldom saw anyone there... ideally, i was searching for a Victorian sim and hopefully an RP sim...and i couldn't find one...the search feature for places really doesn't help sometimes....i also went to Avilion a few times...even bought several medieval gowns just for the purpose (and yes, having been in the SCA..on and off...since i was 17 it was a given)...but though the place was just *gorgeous* it was so laggy i couldn't move and crashed every other min...whilst there, i was hit on by a dwarf...and a dragon....the dwarf was hotter...i like stocky. [grins]

anyway..the first home i had..after than logging in and out in a deserted tower on the West of Ireland...see the tower in the distance on the left? yeah...there....lovely~

was the island home had sunk when i lost

(got rid of) my first husband...[grins]....see the oasis on the left? loved that oasis!

[snarfs] i sunk the linden torch into the water...i thought it looked cool...i still do! did you know that thing is a LOT of prims!?? at the time i didn't know any better...i also didn't know really how to edit and move things...i remember taking a screen shot of the outside landscaping and photoshop where i wanted to move things...and emailed it to my partner asking him to make the changes....he did...[grins] was sure purty.

after that, i lived in a skybox which i decorated for the holidays...a whopping $600L a week!

my lovely Christmas my skybox...and me looking tarty in my Crushed Velvet Santa's Helper costume...[grins ruefully] don't laugh! i still have that in my inventory and i may just wear it again! so there! ROFLMAO eeep! by now i learned how to move snowmen.

and pink flamingos

after that, i lived in tropical skybox...with a pool on the roof!

i added the trees from my Linden inventory...and i bought tiki torches!

...i don't need much in an SL home..much like my RL home..

i need a fireplace, water..either pool, tub or fountain, and a place to sit down. i'm indolent.

this was a bargain...$350L a week with 40 prims!

after the tropical skybox i found my ship...the Queen Anne's Revenge...

it started at $250 a week with only 50 prims. i soon needed MUCH more! the ship requires much furnish every cabin, and every deck...
and i still miss it...what an amazing build..see previous posts for and movies about's still available for rent if someone wants to live on an expensive huge (888 prims) pirate ship without having to buy a whole sim to put it's $1500 a week with a whopping 423 prims to play also features a hidden underwater grotto ballroom beneath the ship...i had dancing balls down there and also some was a great hidden place to change clothes!

i can't wait to decorate for winter in New Babbage and see what our dear Mayor Shaunathan has in store as far as snow and ice....i have a steampunk snow maker! and i'm hoping that's allowed... and i'm searching the grid for sledding hills and ice skating ponds! such fun!

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