Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Veggie's Make Me Hot...But

Not This Hot!

i mean don't get me wrong... i adore my veg...asparagus, brocolli, leeks, musrooms(ok fungi!) onions, peppers, zuchinni, and yes..even brussel sprouts..but i'm not going to be bathing with them! or rubbing them over my naughty bits (that's what latex is for!)...sheesh...this was the PETA video that was BANNED from showing at this week's SuperBowl.

now i *can* see making an homage vid to MEAT! Ahhh meat! bacon, duck, pork, beef, and of course.... sausage...heh heh hehap

"Pork, the answer to all problems" - Anthony Bourdain

was this too sexy to show on TV? ....Veggie Soup in the Hot Tub?....what do you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bunneh is Cooked: "She enjoys destroying is what she does."

"The single most hated individual in Caledon, she seems determined to win that accolade again in Babbage."
~Miss Emily Orr - Winterfell

It seems we are not the only ones who have enjoyed the pleasure of the vitriolic vebiage from a certain fluffy pink bunneh..Miss Emily Orr of Winterfell as she explain on her blog:

what better measure of what you were doing here than what you can leave behind


you're so easy to read, but the book is boring me

or as one of her readers said:

"She is one of the more vile, useless people I have met in 15 years online...or at least the persona she assumes online is. Considering the sheer degree of uselessness of so many people I have virtually met, that is saying a lot indeed.

I believe I said that to her face at one point during our hour long flame war over security orbs in CalChat some months back.

When she finally huffed out of Caledon (by her own choice, as Desmond still sadly cannot find the nerve to ban or discipline ANYONE), she told all who would listen that Babbage was Nirvana and Shaunathan a kind of God. Funny how I am not surprised by her reversal.

She enjoys destroying is what she does."


Pray dears, these are not MY words...these are words of others who have suffered before us.
just as a balance since it seemed we were unique in our summation of recent events..i am merely your humble reporter.

oh yeah and Arrrrrrr!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Capt. Red Sets Sail

as the winds of change blows around New Babbage and a new chapter of our fair sooty city is written i think it need to take a wee break and go back to my love....the sea...
a sea voyage to clear my head, warm my heart, and to calm my spirit (and cool my fiery redheaded piratical temper! [grins]) i'm not that good at keeping up grudges anyway
...happiness is a choice, and i choose it everyday.
though i'm good at a smack down if needed, conflict and feuding are not my favourite things to's toxic to bring in that kind of negativity in your life. i go back to taking the higher (if watery this week!) road. but i must say, i really hope the new Mayor supports positive people and does not let toxic influences back into the city...or at least not into a position of power where they can spew their vitriolic critical comments ad nauseum....sowing dissention.
gee, how do you ask the candidates *that!?* but yeah, i'm cautiously optimistic!!
so...have fun darlings whilst i'm away...i may, at certain ports, send a telegram...but i'm with 9 others of those i love...with a cabin that has a balcony...looking out over the ocean...sipping a glass of chard. or i'm getting one of the crew to give me a seaweed massage after a Pilate's class with my personal trainer. Ahhhh para sailing, zip lining, diving, rock climbing, the second season of Torchwood late night, and more sipping are on this week's agenda!

ps. FREE wifi at my hotel in Miami! leaving for the ship in an hour! YAY! loves ya! have fun, guys!

Friday, January 09, 2009

The New Babbage Sampler: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Quote by Miss Ceejay Writer, Sampler by Miss Elleon Bergamasco...beloved new addition to my factory art collection.
It hangs proudly beneath artwork by Mr. Poopdeck Halfpint and surrounded by Jules Verne inspired pieces of my own creation.
See the full size pic here.

After complimenting Miss Bergamasco on her amazing building and artistic talents, she kindly showed me how to shape a picture frame! See!?

the caption to these should be: the patient and kind Elleon Bergamasco teaches the untalented and lazy Red how to make a beveled frame for pictures!

What a lovely loft! Gee, keep this up i might actually become useful! Sheah, like *that* would ever happen!

Friday, January 02, 2009

FREE Cookies from the Pink Bunneh!

My little pink bunneh servant is Sooooo cute!!...
He gives out fruity warm jelly bean cookies! MMmm nom, nom, good!

Oh yeah, i know it's a pink bunneh...but it's really a boy. Not that there's anything *wrong* with gender bending drag queen hare's....
i've got nothing against the species!'s just that some are mean spite full bullies...and that's when i remember i'm a pirate at heart. Arrrrr!

Dress from the Laughing Academy.