Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red's Revenge Pub: New Drinking Establishment in Wheatstone

Announcing a New Steampunk Pirate Pub
in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage!

After the destruction of my factory in New Babbage by disgruntled workers (see previous post) ...apparently i fed them too much and didn't beat them enough! i decided to rebuild!
i threw a shameless and obscene amount of Lindens to the famous architect Canolli Capalini to create a pirate pub from her Workshop plans that lured me from Across the Canal... beams & wood hauled in from the shipyard added with bricks & glass...built upon the ruins of a metal steampunk factory....jerry rigged this and a bit of that...ladders to elevators and such

..think Victorian Pirate meets Science! funk...all comprising a fun place to hang out richly decorated and reflecting my past exploits upon the seas. (and yes, i am available for hire as an interior decorator & landscaping artist for those who want to be prim & price conscience!)
Upon entering you'll be greeted by the lovely stained glass.....

As always, complimentary Rum & Cookies is available for urchins, scamps & visitors.

Plenty of drinks can be found by tapping the kegs of spirits from Mr. Gatsby Szuster's fine distillery. (and from my pivate stash) Look for the display to dispense fine (but a wee bit potent) glasses of Absinthe
Frolic in the Absinthe glass...(green fairy costume optional) and enjoy the lovely painting by esteemed detective & artist Mr. Sherlock Holmes (Elina Koskinen) Relax in the many comfortable (and intimate) seating groups. Try your strength with the Arm Wrestling table. Get warm before the many a book to read with your sherry.... Belly up to the bar for a fine selection of ales and Scrumpy!

Just be careful...this pub can be a wee bit rough...and a great source for Adventure! (and fun pictures!) Poor Miss Sera! ...Foully Murdered! But she got better!

Get Murdered!...or practice your Sword Dancing.

Upstairs you will find a lovely and more refined space for dancing.

And of course..the back gardens are available for strolling...and enjoying the fountain and the shooting gallery!

I will, however, vehemently deny the rumours of hooka pipes and an opium den in the top floor glass garret! Lies! Lies, i say!

Capt. Red's Revenge (named after the famous G.S. Distillery Rum!) is open to the public around the clock and is available for hire for special events, parties, & dances!

Pray, feel free to contact Capt. Red Llewellyn through here or in-world via note card. (i also can be hired for party planning during Euro hours and if available)Now Open to the Public! Please Stop by for a libation at any time!
More pics can be found HERE

ps. there also is a lovely Widows Walk to enjoy amazing Miss Sera and I are doing... IF you can find it~!!!


Rhianon Jameson said...

A fine-looking establishment, Red! My liver curses you in advance!

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Looks outstanding, madam!

Roland said...

My Dear Capt Llewellyn:

Regarding your recent missive re Red's Revenge Pub, let me offer my most heartfelt congratulations for a spectacular recovery from recent setbacks.

The Pub does look top notch, indeed, and I look forward to visiting the next time I find myself in need of light refreshment, or perhaps some small excursions or alarums.

Looking forward to next time.

Yr. Obt. Svt.
Roland Zepp