Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lonely Clank Visits Chalotte & Brings Steampunk Love to Librarians!

Webisode 1: Lonely Clank

Librarians?! Yes, that's right....My RL self is going to and presenting at a national librarian conference in Charlotte, NC! Here are the 3 Steampunk styled webisodes i created promoting the Bloggers' Cafe ... yours truly has been named one of the official bloggers for the conference...so please dear friends & neighbors...forgive me if i am not around New Babbage much. AND if you see me in-world during the day Friday...know that i'm showing off our city to a bunch of mun librarians ....and wotcher salty language! LOL
Webisode 2: Clank & Cecily

Webisode 3: Simon Misses Clank


Bookworm Hienrichs said...

*laugh* Those were cute!

Eleanor Anderton said...

Ohhh! I just saw the last one! Good work!