Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stockings! How Shocking! Miss Autopilotpatty's Poppy's Gallery Exhibit

Shocking Stocking Exhibit featuring Babbage Designers & a Former Pirate Captain and a Saucy Wanderer

Well Babbagers, the much respected & talented Caledonian Photographer and new resident of Wheatstone New Babbage Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy has a new exhibit featuring luminary ladies stocking clad limbs from all over the Victorian & Steampunk sims!....oh and yours truly, one former Pirate Capt. how she was included i'll never know! if you want to see how all this started...i blogged about it HERE a few weeks ago.

i didn't mention it to too many people in case i wasn't chosen for the exhibit! (and i feared it would seem even more braggy than usual! LOL) ...but i was chosen!! in fact, there are two pics of me in the exhibit. one that includes my face and one with just my legs..and Cutea Bennelli Grim Bros Uber Curlie Cue shoe!

Exhibit info below..the party is going on NOW! and the SLURL is included, too!

UPDATE: and i just found out our own delightful saucy wanderer and fellow rum drinker Miss Katherine (Kat) Montpark was featured, too!! here's a teasing glimpse of her lovely portrait!

i wasn't going to blog about it on the Ning here but Miss Poppy asked me to..

[9:16] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Miss Poppy, are you going to post this exhibit info on the New Babbage ning? i don't want to look like a show off if i dont' have to...[grins] but of course i am!
[9:16] Autopilotpatty Poppy: ohhh could you do that Red? I would so appreciate it... People read yours
[9:17] Redgrrl Llewellyn: people may read them but i wish they commented more! LOL ((sadly, i am a total comment whore)) i was gonna blog about it on my celtgrrl blog anyways! cheers and the exhibit is gorgeous! saucy but not salacious!
[9:19] Redgrrl Llewellyn: ok sweetie! .....i'm gonna go blog it's a pleasure and i to hope to bring others in, i can't believe so many luminaries from all over the Victorian realms stripped down to their undercrackers!
[9:19] Autopilotpatty Poppy: lol my dears!
Hello Friends and Neighbors Today at 11 am the long-awaited Stockings! exhibit opens in Miss Poppy's sky Galleria. Unique, beautiful, sensational, stockings of all shapes and sizes for your visual treat and dancing, too! You don't want to miss this exhibit that Miss Poppy has been working on for over 3 months just for you! Please stop by even for just a few minutes. A LM is attached for your convenience. If you happen to land on the ground level there is a red teleport arrow on Miss Poppy's porch. The Exhibit runs until June
SLURL to Miss Poppy's Gallery

Another picture that didn't make it into the exhibit but that was taken during the Photoshoot:

Clothes i'm wearing in the shoot: Viv Trafalgar's Velut Hiber Steam Gown,...i'm also wearing my Whybrow pearl bracelet and Terry Lightfoot Domino Noir 1885 Victorian Bustle Dress ~ To-a-T ~ die for diamond pane stockings, delightful garters, fun polka dot boy shorts, and ribbons! My beloved BlakOpal corset in one scene (above) and in my hand i have a Caliber riding crop, on my feet the Grim Bros. Uber Curlie Cue shoes (Cutea dear you are a genius! i've blogged about these shoes before...i can't help myself!) and to top it all off my longtime beloved Nonna Hedges Polka Dotted veiled tophat and Chantilly Peacock Noir top.

Homes & Dr. Watson came to see the exhibit as did Mr. Leonardo Serrao....
I do believe the gents were a bit overcome from such an overexposure and one of them (i won't say which ::coughs::) felt a bit weak kneed, nauseous and faint...but manfully looked if only for the culture of it and i hope loyalty to his friends.

it must be noted, Miss Genie Burton of Steelhead had a very...ahem! Cheeky portrait (a teasingly edited version above right)

and our own Miss Poppy herself had a very gorgeously cheeky picture of herself there that is NOT to be missed view!

ok, i'm feeling WAY overexposed here and am now going to crawl under a rock and hide for a while...


ps. shhhh...[looks around furtively]
can't make it to the exhibit or it's over? here are the unedited non teasing full pics!

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Breezy Carver said...

Hugsss YOU Capt Red !! You are lovely and stunning well done Dear well done and grand creative from the .. endearing Miss Patty !! .. hugss
ever breezy
twirlssssssssssssssss away with a big smile and a warm heart .
thank YOU again !!!