Sunday, September 28, 2008

Evil Doctors Do Funny Things to Me.

Pinning Down Evil whenever she can!

Red attempts to pin down Evildoers!
"Ooops Doctor Obolensky Dear...wrong seat! and DO just stop struggling!"

Dr. O pays a visit to see his shrine....the secret jail in Red's factory in the strange bloodsplattered....added later, a candle....
he said he lighting could be better!....[she considers placing many, many candles for him!]

it's funny though she muses to herself.....she gets a bit woozy and gushy whenever he's about...fawning over him and practically throwing herself on him! [looks at the picture above and flushes pink and wails].....WAIT! literally thowing myself on him!!....[facepalms]
.....oh dear Cluck! i think there's something *wrong* with me!