Saturday, September 06, 2008

Now in New Babbage: Llewellyn Industries

Llewellyn Industries here!
thanks to hard work of our Mayor Mr. Shaunathan Sprocket and the help of my dear Aussie friends Miss Audrey Fotherington and Mr. Wilberforce Beaumont...the Factory Castle that is Llewellyn Industries is built! not furnished yet, but built! AND modified...the searchlights had to go...and the red blinking lights off the towers... but Shaun was generous and kind enough to loan me some Gas Lamps for the front! .... DID this happen?

4 days was 3am... i was suffering from insomnia and i just thought about wandering around SL looking at those going to open houses every week...i like to look at them in-world... and somehow i stumbled across this building....and FELL IN LOVE with the STEAMPUNK gorgeousness of it...the textures! the sounds! the mechanics!

dear Miss Breezy Carver showed up and caught my enthusiasm and MADE me buy it! (kidding)
we both jumped up and down and hugged each other...then i had to get up and teach an 8am class! ...but....

who buys a FACTORY before having land? this girl! but thanks to Miss Eggberta Echegaray was ready to give up her two parcels in Wheatstone Waterways....well, it was just perfect!

i admit, it is ghastly gorgeously huge and you will please have to ignore the strange sounds that may emanate from it's copper, steel, and glass walls! and if you ask what Llewellyn Industries produces or manufactures?...our official word will always be "no comment!" and no it is NOT a lair! and it does NOT have a jail hidden in it's depths with a small wooden chair, a threadbare blanket and a bowl of gruel! it is just a large building for .....well, enjoy! dances and parties will held there...and it will be often open to the public!

am i giving up my beloved Pirate Ship? Queen Anne's Revenge in Silent's folly? NEVER!
i love that ship! But....i just NEED to be part of New Babbage..i need to invest in the town and the community...and i HAD to have that building to myself! that darn Ning won me, not the Ning..all the amazingly fun, nice All will be invited to a factory-warming party soon!

an open love letter to New Baabbage as i posted on the Ning in response to the question

Are Babbagers Welcoming People?

i am going to take a brief sojurn from my usual snarky piratical self and just wax rhapsodic for a momentthat about New Babbage and its denizens.
i am overwhelmed at the kindness and the delightful personalities that can be found in the city of New many of you have been so nice to this "outlander" who (as of yet) does not live in your fair city.
thank you for your genuine kindness and openness...for someone who is usually verbose (ahem!) i really can't find the right words to say how "right" it feels to be part of your community. and it makes me really LONG to have a second home in your city. i don't know if can ever give up my beloved ship and at 888prims well...LOL...but i really want to just BE immersed in your world.
thank you...really, thank you.
~Capt. Red

"Burning with optimism's flames" - XTC

now i gotta go beat my crew!...all this sweetness makes me feel all emotionally exposed & antsy! "swab those decks you scurvy scoundrels & rogues! or you'll feel the sweet kiss of my belaying pin on your worthless noggins!"

Whew! better!

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