Sunday, August 23, 2009

Red's Revenge Pub: New Drinking Establishment in Wheatstone

Announcing a New Steampunk Pirate Pub
in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage!

After the destruction of my factory in New Babbage by disgruntled workers (see previous post) ...apparently i fed them too much and didn't beat them enough! i decided to rebuild!
i threw a shameless and obscene amount of Lindens to the famous architect Canolli Capalini to create a pirate pub from her Workshop plans that lured me from Across the Canal... beams & wood hauled in from the shipyard added with bricks & glass...built upon the ruins of a metal steampunk factory....jerry rigged this and a bit of that...ladders to elevators and such

..think Victorian Pirate meets Science! funk...all comprising a fun place to hang out richly decorated and reflecting my past exploits upon the seas. (and yes, i am available for hire as an interior decorator & landscaping artist for those who want to be prim & price conscience!)
Upon entering you'll be greeted by the lovely stained glass.....

As always, complimentary Rum & Cookies is available for urchins, scamps & visitors.

Plenty of drinks can be found by tapping the kegs of spirits from Mr. Gatsby Szuster's fine distillery. (and from my pivate stash) Look for the display to dispense fine (but a wee bit potent) glasses of Absinthe
Frolic in the Absinthe glass...(green fairy costume optional) and enjoy the lovely painting by esteemed detective & artist Mr. Sherlock Holmes (Elina Koskinen) Relax in the many comfortable (and intimate) seating groups. Try your strength with the Arm Wrestling table. Get warm before the many a book to read with your sherry.... Belly up to the bar for a fine selection of ales and Scrumpy!

Just be careful...this pub can be a wee bit rough...and a great source for Adventure! (and fun pictures!) Poor Miss Sera! ...Foully Murdered! But she got better!

Get Murdered!...or practice your Sword Dancing.

Upstairs you will find a lovely and more refined space for dancing.

And of course..the back gardens are available for strolling...and enjoying the fountain and the shooting gallery!

I will, however, vehemently deny the rumours of hooka pipes and an opium den in the top floor glass garret! Lies! Lies, i say!

Capt. Red's Revenge (named after the famous G.S. Distillery Rum!) is open to the public around the clock and is available for hire for special events, parties, & dances!

Pray, feel free to contact Capt. Red Llewellyn through here or in-world via note card. (i also can be hired for party planning during Euro hours and if available)Now Open to the Public! Please Stop by for a libation at any time!
More pics can be found HERE

ps. there also is a lovely Widows Walk to enjoy amazing Miss Sera and I are doing... IF you can find it~!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now This Really Goes TOO Far!

I come home to my factory yesterday and find half of it carted away! -sold for scrap most likely- who knows where! and fires set on the main floor - they're still smouldering!

....that's it! after a well-earned beating....i fired all my factory workers (save the most comely & pliable) All factory work and manufacturing will be outsourced! ...and i am going to rebuild... opening a pirate pub & reading room! Ha ha! stay tuned.....

it all started a few weeks ago.....

there was an uprising in my bloody workers...
i guess i feed them too much and don't beat them enough!

first i find a bomb

i built a garden for them...there's plenty of soot!

and then someone spiked my tea!

i got better....

so, what's a factory owner to do?


((ps. i left the tea out... it packs a wicked punch but it's great fun! i wrote about this special set here! Nell gets first dibs since she was the one who showed me where to get it! LOL))

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Amazing Artistry of Dr. Katri Kaligawa

I proceeded with delight a week or so ago to the Perdido Street Gallery, Babbage Square To coincide with Doctor Kaligawa's first rezday, a special exhibition of her drawings and photographs. Organized by Elilka Sieyes . If you've never visited the Gallery, i would urge you to go! Here's the SLURL. What a lovely exhibit this was! Happy Rez Day dear, talented Dr. Kaligawa! much so, that i was compelled to both buy prints and to commission a special "piece" seen above and below...well worth the trip!

A rather unusual personage appeared before us!

an example of her amazing artwork: Drawing by Dr. Katri Kaligawa

in the secret room upstairs Mr. Holmes re-enacted a recent murder for my delight.

Afterwards we adjourned to my Treehouse's secret rum smuggling cave & opium den

Holmes feel back to his bad former habits...[sighs]...well, I am a bad influence!

So taken with her work - as I have always been...I commissioned her to take a few shots of the Great Obolensky Steampunk Metal Treehouse. Here are the amazing results:

Gorgeous, no?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Ogdred Weary House

Dear beloved reader...sadly, this Victorian Lady has been lapse this week...lazy, indolent, and behind in her reporting. i have so much to share with you and sometimes it just takes a while to process the information because i want to do everything i share with you justice! enough boring you with excuses and onto the fun! (though comments do encourage me to blog more often [winks at the blatant shameless hint])
In my explorations across the canal...after i was transfixed with delight by The Workshop (my previous post)... i kept exploring and delighted in re-visiting the Ogdred Weary [hands over the SLURL] house created by Babbage's own talented Miss Artemisia Paine. This is definitely a labour of love for Miss Paine and it shows in every detail and texture. Based on the work of the talented illustrator and author who holds a special space in MY little heart....Edward Gorey. As a librarian and an avid reader i became enamoured with his work when i was a teen reading voraciously the novels by John Bellairs which Mr. Gorey Illustrated the covers . Another love of Mr. Gorey's work and influential in my life is Masterpiece Mystery by WGBH Boston. "Derek Lamb tuned the macabre cartoon drawings of Edward Gorey into the opening and closing credits for the series." So maybe you can understand why this beautiful build struck such a resonant chord within me the moment i stepped in. Greeting you at the door is a picture of Mr. Gorey. "He also published under pen names that were anagrams of his first and last names, such as Ogdred Weary, Dogear Wryde, Ms. Regera Dowdy, and dozens more" (Wikipedia) The wallpaper....the furniture and the stand up characters are all beckoning you to explore. If you were as charmed as i was do leave a small donation to keep this unique and artistic build in New Babbage. Please visit the Edward Gorey house, join its membership & buy cool Edward Gorey inspired item in the online shop!

Clothing in these shots: many visits and 2 outfits!
The Victorian Ladies Explorers Outfit by Mr. Solivar Scarborough Per his profile: Shop on Lo Lo. Hat by Viv Trafalgar Outfitters and Burnt Ankle boots by Lassitude & Ennui

Second photo: Miss Montez collection gown & corset by Miss Cutea Benell of Grim Bros with Silent Sparrow undercrackers & Miss Hollow Collection by Wretched Dollies which i will be blogging about soon! . (i mix and match all the time!)

a special thanks and a wave to Miss Rhianon Jameson, Miss Breezy Carver , and His GraceEdward Pearse, Duke of Argylle for your readership and your frequent comments!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Exploring Across the Canals

I think the genius builder & furniture maker Canolli Capalini may have evil genius tendencies...or at least devilish ones....but i could be wrong...
Let me please to explain... For weeks now.... i've been spying from the Llewellyn Factory Gardens this rather large round build across the canal. It caught my eye...and held it.

This lovely round i ventured forth and explored...i found a brick structure...a lovely wide porch...i called out to no answer and dared to go was created by Miss Olli...of course!

once inside i beheld a lovely curving room banded with wood and filled with brick... a rich hardwood floor... windows and a fireplace opposite...the front door.

and this curving delightful staircase....that extended down as if by magic (more like steam!) that led me up to a gorgeous room with a black and white parquet floor richly textured green silk covered green walls, another fireplace, and gorgeous windows...and from the windows i could see my land...and my factory

all the unrest of late, the planted bombs, the complaints from my workers - apparently i don't beat them often enough and feed them too much! working 12 hour days 6 days a week has spoiled them! ...maybe i should just rebuild.

...going back outside...i spied an elevator...and took it up to the top floor...and i saw a wood attic room...and i imagined what it would be like with glass rather than a greenhouse in the sky...a loft...

touching the rope pull...brought down the ramp up to the widows walk

and ascending to the widows walk i saw a magnificent view of New Babbage...Miss Canolli Capalini's store... and on the other factory and my land.

the other day i showed this view to a Fae Dragon friend of mine....and though i love my factory as it is....i think i am ready to try a i will tear it down and rebuild anew

so, i contacted Miss Canolli Capalini and asked her if she would consider making an exception to her no mod rule and add that glass roof that i've dreamed of....and add a few windows on the bottom floor to match the top floor...i love brick, wood...but i adore light. (i also threw an unseemly amount of $L at her!) ... i have a dream of firing all my workers...and opening a pirate pub & reading room...having a dance floor above for small parties and fetes....and live in the attic...very different than my huge factory...but snug. i will keep you posted. (and if i ever miss my old factory....i still have the plans and the means i can just rebuild it!)