Friday, June 06, 2008

Who is Capt. Red Llewellyn?

Terribly house proud (or ship proud!) Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge a RELIC ship docked in Silent's Folly Wando...Privateer, Explorer, Librarian, Merry Widow, and a member of the Independent State of Caledon, New Babbage, New Toulouse, Opus Free Port, Silent's Folly, and Winterfell. As an explorer the world is my home and i love all parts of it....

My ship is open to the public or for guided tours upon request...when in-world just IM or drop a notecard to me in my beloved Steampunk Red mailbox found on my ship's main deck. I will be more than happy to give you the full tour and if interested, includ many facts about piracy and privateering in the colonies and abroad.
(click on any of the pictures for larger versions)

Can't wait for a personal guided tour? then pray look at my profile picks for a landmark and explore on your own... i just ask that you please follow the requests i make as detailed in my welcome please, say yes when you get it. and don't walk in on me changing! LOL

Her Background - Short Version

Born of a ship building Welsh family of intellectual eccentrics; father is a renowned but absent-minded maritime engineer, mother is a lovely gracious but dotty painter, and her brother Omi, a gifted engineer and builder of steam engines. Married young to a dashing but profligate first cousin, who was lost at sea when he was push...ummm, fell overboard as tea-time was called. All efforts to find him after tea were fruitless. To assuage her great despair over this terrible loss she went on a roaring rampage of piracy across the warm seas making herself more wealthy with each ship she met and conquered. Settling down in the Southern Colonies, her husband was declared dead by the Governor of South Carolina Capt. Llewellyn now enjoys a half-mourning period with the support of her dear friends, servants, and ships' crew.

in her Captain's Quarters reading.

wearing the new HMS hat her dear friend Miss June Wozniak bought for her recent birthday.

wearing the gown and hat Miss Wozniak was so kind to gift her with.

floating above the falls at the RFL chocolate exhibit

on the deck of her ship before she decorated