Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silly Hat September Rezday Fete and My Two Years in SL

September Silly Hat Rezday Fete
Time: September 25, 2009 from 1:30pm to 4pm
Location: Capt. Red's Revenge Pub
Street: Wheatstone Waterways
"This month, Capt. Red and Dr. Watson celebrate their second and fourth rezdays, just a few days apart, so they've resolved to split the difference and have a small joint celebration on the 25th.

The Captain suggested a theme of silly hats (incredible headgear being a famed speciality of New Babbage) and Doctor K. added that no such party is complete without some form of moustache-based celebration.

For the faint-hearted or fair-follicled, do not fear -- Be assured that such outgrowths are not compulsory."
  • Sharp Shooting Prizes!
  • Free Flowing Potent (and Almost Entirely Legal) Rum! Absinthe and Cake!
  • The Wiggy Undertone Special Dunk Tank
  • Merry Go Round!
for more pics of us in silly hats posing for the poster please go here...

And now i reflect on my two years on the grid...i with much chagrin share the first picture from orientation island wearing my noob skin and finding i couldn't figure out how to detatch the damn torch!

thinking about my embarassing early days Growing up In SL....(and my first day on the grid!) ....squatting on the West of Ireland and Dublin ...exploring Liquid Heat's Halloween Sim as little red riding hood

my first real home....

my beloved Queen Anne's Revenge in Silent's Folly - Wando where i was a Captain of a lucrative pirate shipping venture. Some may ask Who is Capt. Red Llewellyn? Well, she's just a merry widow, of course! a girl who also enjoys her life underwater

....also places i've lived on the grid before Exploring New Babbage....falling in love with our fair sooty city and..buying my factory during a late night shopping trip with my first Babbage friend and still dear darling Miss Breezy Carver. Exploring New Babbage with old friend Mr. Wiggy Undertone finding out that a Stunning Clank Stands Guard

Answering the Call of Cthulu with the first Mayor of New Babbage Mr. Shaunathan Sprockett

Then employing my wicked wiles on certain nefarious types by admitting that

Evil Doctors do Funny Things to Me later breaking into and getting discovered in Clockspire Cove. later finding that he had my portrait in his evil jail! in Dr. O's Lair a Familliar Face Blurry but Distinct... Remembering and enjoying the Movie & Pics from the Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight... ....[sighs] so MANY amazing memories....Buying my first Airship! over a year ago..i love you New Babbage....i love all my dear friends...from Caledon to Steelhead...Silent's Folly to Winterfell....i was VERY honored to have been chosen to participate in Stockings! How Shocking! Miss Autopilotpatty's Poppy's Exhibit... i've been very happy living here..and 2 years on the grid went like that! [snaps] A warm rummy hug and kisses to all the lovely people who have enriched my life these past two years!

To the Skies! to the Ports! to the Waterways! to Science! to New Babbage! to the Grid!

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