Saturday, August 09, 2008

my life underwater

i've talked so much about my love for my life on my beloved ship (and no, not here...mayhap i shall move it over) but i also love my life below ship...the underwater realm where i frolic and swim as a mermaid! in my lovely SIM of Silent's Folly there are lovely underwater realms that SIM owner/creator/goddess has devised...
so i slip on my tail and go swimming and exploring...and sometimes i swim with the sea lions (difficult to catch that poseball but once you do it's lovely! go swimming with the sea lions:

another favourite place is the mermaid shack! i swear i'm tempted to rent it and beg Silent to put it under my ship for a relaxing underwater escape...think how amazing it would be to sleep in there... (yes, i know it's crazy but just imagine!) tell your friends, it's such a great first house for less than $400L a week and 100 prims! and the landscaping down there! AMAZING! it's just beautiful!!

check out the pics...more in photos!
here's the SLURL to check it out!:

ps. girls! if you like the hair it's from Analog Dog and it's called Madison Splash!

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