Sunday, August 09, 2009

Exploring Across the Canals

I think the genius builder & furniture maker Canolli Capalini may have evil genius tendencies...or at least devilish ones....but i could be wrong...
Let me please to explain... For weeks now.... i've been spying from the Llewellyn Factory Gardens this rather large round build across the canal. It caught my eye...and held it.

This lovely round i ventured forth and explored...i found a brick structure...a lovely wide porch...i called out to no answer and dared to go was created by Miss Olli...of course!

once inside i beheld a lovely curving room banded with wood and filled with brick... a rich hardwood floor... windows and a fireplace opposite...the front door.

and this curving delightful staircase....that extended down as if by magic (more like steam!) that led me up to a gorgeous room with a black and white parquet floor richly textured green silk covered green walls, another fireplace, and gorgeous windows...and from the windows i could see my land...and my factory

all the unrest of late, the planted bombs, the complaints from my workers - apparently i don't beat them often enough and feed them too much! working 12 hour days 6 days a week has spoiled them! ...maybe i should just rebuild.

...going back outside...i spied an elevator...and took it up to the top floor...and i saw a wood attic room...and i imagined what it would be like with glass rather than a greenhouse in the sky...a loft...

touching the rope pull...brought down the ramp up to the widows walk

and ascending to the widows walk i saw a magnificent view of New Babbage...Miss Canolli Capalini's store... and on the other factory and my land.

the other day i showed this view to a Fae Dragon friend of mine....and though i love my factory as it is....i think i am ready to try a i will tear it down and rebuild anew

so, i contacted Miss Canolli Capalini and asked her if she would consider making an exception to her no mod rule and add that glass roof that i've dreamed of....and add a few windows on the bottom floor to match the top floor...i love brick, wood...but i adore light. (i also threw an unseemly amount of $L at her!) ... i have a dream of firing all my workers...and opening a pirate pub & reading room...having a dance floor above for small parties and fetes....and live in the attic...very different than my huge factory...but snug. i will keep you posted. (and if i ever miss my old factory....i still have the plans and the means i can just rebuild it!)


Rhianon Jameson said...

You'll put all those devoted sla...I mean, workers in the poorhouse? Wherever will they toil?

Olli said...

Thank you for the kind discourse about my building, Miss Llewellyn.. It is very rare that I mod something I have already built, but the unseemly amount of lindens (Please note, obscenely unseemly amount of $L)was a great motivation. I hope to have it finished quite soon. In the meantime, I am also working on a new music box system, and some other.. oddities. :)

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

My dear Miss Jameson...all those devoted workers will be shang.. encouraged to take sea voyages for (my) profit. the best (and the most rugged & pliable) of them will kept on to serve drinks & swab the decks after we close.
Miss're very welcome! genius work such as yours is a pleasure to share! and rebuilding upon my land was no easy or hasty decision...and the obscene and unseemly amounts of $L i am sure will be well worth it for having a Capallini original!