Friday, December 26, 2008

Hateful Christmas Specials That Make Me Laugh

i'm not going to go into the classics.....i love them...and i own every version of The Christmas Carol i think ever made...ok, not the muppet version....but this week i saw on BBC America The (British) Office and the Blackadder's Christmas Carol had me rolling!

[Blackadder has just unwittingly slammed the door in the faces of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert]
Ebeneezer Blackadder: I am not at home to guests!
Prince Albert: I flatter myzelf ve are llather special guests, sir.
Ebeneezer Blackadder: Oh, of course, I must apologize! It isn't often that one recieves a Christmas visit from two such distinguished guests.
Prince Albert: Ah, zo you llecognize us at last!
Ebeneezer Blackadder: Yes! Unless I'm very much mistaken, you're the winner of the 'Round Britain Shortest Fattest Dumpiest Woman Competition. And for her to be accompanied by the winner of this year's Stupidest Accent Award is really quite overwhelming.

(sorry to any of our J├Ąger friends...ahem!) LOL
and why is it that i love Blackadder but HATE Mr. Bean???

The Office

esp. these lines:

Tuffy: (to Anne) Do you think we care as much about your baby as you do? Just because you let some useless tosser blow his beans up your muff. Well done, merry fucking Christmas.
(Anne runs off crying)
Tim: Beans.
Dawn: I don’t know what to say. Muff was the bit for me.
Tim: Beans and muff.

heh heh heh the spirit of the season..make fun of smug preggo people!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Christmas Freebies at Hudson's Stained Glass Desires

i have such a love affair with the store Hudson's Stained Glass Desires...i've talked about it before..gushed even...but my word they just do NOT disapoint! in the picture above you can see the bevy of lovely gifts and freebies for the Christmas Season...from the left:
Victorian Secret black & red lingerie set..(HOT!) the small ornament jewelry...
the Harvey's Bristol Creme sherry tray and two glasses, a fruit plate, a lovely potted plant in the magic wolf jar, a really pretty (though here not rezzed) globe light...touch on and off...and behind that a man's winter sweater set. WOW! it really is worth joining the group for these lovely and oh so generous gifts!

Dear Miss Eleanor Anderton also recently sent me a notecard of shopping tips as did dear
Miss good friends and fellow dear shopping buddies...i am so blessed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wasuremono-tei Grand Opening - Babbage Palisade, New Babbage

a fine opening of the Tea House this eve....the time i spent there was both invigorating intellectually and calming spiritually...the sounds, the smells, the sights (the sake!) all combined to make me feel happy, at peace and very centered... beautiful and entertaining our new Tea House! Thank you Miss Roanoke for bringing this to our city!

our kind hostesses shared their talents through song, dance, and storytelling. Miss Ceejay, Miss Sylvie, Miss Jed, Miss Bela as well as our happy newly engaged couple Miss Orchid and Mr. Rip Wirefly were in attendance and looking very fine in the dress of the Tea House. i was also pleased to make the acquaintance of Mr. ZenRascal Mandelbrot a new gentleman to New Babbage.

for more pics please visit the gallery

Monday, December 15, 2008

DreddPirateBob and the Posers

Jasper with Bob

Jed with Bob

Rip with Bob

Viv with Bob

Red with Bob

Come to Wheatstone Waterways....and Pose with the DreddPirateBob....just like smoking, it makes you look cool! and see? Bob is smoking, too! so it *Must* be cool!

can't get enough Bob? Buy the glob for only $1 ....or was it FREE? Hmmm either know you want one nearby so you can cuddle up next to Bob ANYtime you get the urge! OOOooer!

all Posing with Bob welcome to be added here!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't Drink & Sleigh..OR...Poor Santa: That Last Absinthe Shot Did It!

Oh dear...i told Santa not to have that last mug of Capt. Cannonball's Rum!....Followed by Capt. Smythe's Spiced Rum!.....then he poured us another two cups of Nog...Mmmmm Rummy Nog....and then ok...this was my idea...Absinthe shots...heh heh it's GREEN!

let me back up....he came by the factory....saw the forts & the bar set up...and well, we got to talking and ...then we started drinking a wee bit...swapping stories, cracking know, the usual! he would pour...i would pour...he would give me a hard time about that one raid on that spanish ship a few years ago...i would tease him about stoopid creepy marionettes...

and i guess that was too much for the big guy cause he tried to fly off and SMACK right into Szuster Gassworks...he crawled off the burning sleigh...the elves jumped the gun and chalked around him where he lay....and well, it's a good thing he's immortal.....

Santa! when i suggest Absinthe shots...just say No! Don't Drink and Sleigh!

afterwards...i rode the carousel...Weeeeeee!

Prize Winners & Official Belated Thank You!

Contest Results for: The New Babbage Steampunk Snowball Fort Fight & Rum Party

1st Place!! E Bergamasco Ice Gear Tree

Icy Gorgeous Rotating Christmas Tree! Oh talented you are!

2nd Place!! Myrtil's Adorable Squirrel

Relaxing on my new Squirrel...Who Knew it Also had 4 poses!

Thank you for your talents!!!

and to all who came...WOW! i am overwhelmed!!....let me just reprint what i replied to on dear Dr. Watson's kind blog....

Oh you wonderful people of New Babbage, you're very welcome!!!..but you beat me to it, for really! is *I* who should thank you! i was nervously excited about my first event in New Babbage and apart from a bit of frantic scrambling due to ((SL weekend login borkyness)) putting up more bottles on the bars... i do think it went rather well!.....

and only a bit of a hangover...erm, deep sleep, ((RL brunch w/the parental units)) kept me from thanking you earlier! i have been so thrilled to have joined this town and each and every person who came or contributed made this the best event i've ever given in-world. i need no other Christmas gifts for that filled my metaphorical stocking to it's brimfull!

i'm keeping up the snow forts, floating ice dance floor, and the full bar for the entirety of the holiday season.......for you never know when impromptu snow fights might want to feel free to gather your friends and come on over and pelt or dance away anytime!!!

Coming in the spring: Beltane May Pole & Rum Party
with a Building Contest of Best Steampunk Crazy Over the Top 4-Season Topiary!
$10,000L in prizes!

See all 84 Pictures from the event! Please to Enjoy!

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Pretty Christmas Prank

Bringing a little joy and cheer to a dear GOOD friend Dr. Obolensky and his beautiful Island breaking in and putting up a pretty Christmas tree, a warm crackling fireplace, setting out the Oh so cute Capalini Oliphant....and striped hanging a Gothic Christmas stocking filled to the brim with candy and coal!......

He's SO going to HATE it!

Special thanks to Miss Canolli Capalini for her donations to this pretty prank.
I'm braced for your "Bah, Humbug" and auto return Dr.! [grins]
but some of the gifts are transferable & i wanted you to see it first!

another bright idea i had.... but really didn't want to spend $825L on a prank and one that was also out of period...was to get these for Dr. O's island.....heh heh perfectly cute and cheerful and guaranteed to make him gnash his teeth!!

he's such a fun character to have around!

Oh! and from the same vendor i stumbled across on the new Xstreet...
i also go this for my party! Mmmmm coal candy! Yum!

Merry Christmas!!

ps. thank you again SO much Miss Breezy for the lovely hooded cloak i'm wearing in the picture...and yes, i finally did take my NBLFB uniform off after 2 or 3 days when i saw my dogs were pointedly sniffing at me! Humph!
but it will be ready to go back on again in a trice if a fire should spark!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Women Wanted! for The New Babbage Ladies Fire Brigade Co.

The New Babbage Ladies Fire Protection Brigade

This valiant group of women have banded together to protect the New Babbage community from the seemingly daily outbreaks of fire. Utilizing grace under pressure and the most modern firefighting equipment, these intelligent and resourceful women will bravely fight the flames and thus keep our community safe. Men are invited to join as advisors, innocent bystanders, and bucket holders.
Please contact Miss Serafina Puchkina for more information
Visit our Fire House in world! Go up to the second floor and slide down the pole!

~Uniforms provided gratis to all volunteers~
NBFB Volunteers...Please wear your group tag and get your uniform!
Beautifully and generously designed & donated by Miss Viv Trafalgar of New Babbage
Why not visit her shop and see her other talented designs?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Winter in New Babbage: Llewellyn Industries

Thank you Mayor Sprocket! factories & the Edward Topham Memorial Park (see below) are so pretty in the snow! ....and it's just a start! i'm not finished with the landscaping & decorating yet.....but wow! WOW!
Pray indulge and let me wax rhapsodic and slightly perhaps poorly poetic for just a moment:

Winter in New Babbage

Oh how i love this place...
even more so in winter's loving yet cool embrace!
The crunch of snow, the smell of soot,
Dark mystery of cobbled street & mischief afoot!
Beloved Urchins dash, scurry, and play,
Pelt snowballs, make forts, and join the fray.
Velvet bedecked townsfolk stroll and twirl
Enjoying the frosted views whilst snow swirls.
Friends meet, happy breaths frost & cloud the air
Presents are bought, fires tended, and trees bedecked with care.

Dr. O has delivered the snow forts!!!! i've set them up early for impromptu practice and frivolity! I've already heard that the Mayor has been by and has tried it out himself (a certain snowball hurler said the match was a draw!) i've also set out the bar and the rum early for those who practice and might need a medicinal restorative! soon i shall set out early snow angle making areas....because it's silly and fun....((and a great photo op!))

Winter in New there anything grander?