Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Amphibian: Groan Inducing Pun & Festive Gift!

I Adore my Missile Toad!
or....Festive? Or horrible groan-inducing terror? You decide!
and yes, i'm shamelessly stealing the subject head of Dr. O's latest blog and while i'm at it....stealing, that is......let me add the picture he had, too! Muuuwaaa-Ha~!
(with permission actually! heh heh...that master of promotion Evil Dr. O of course doesn't mind my journaling this!) but i do love this little clever gift!
and i was very pleased and honored to have been given this gift...of's the groan inducing pun of him that makes me adore it even more! and when you click on him his little jet pack lights up and fire shoots out! Very kissworthy! Muuuuuwaaa~Haaaaaa~!

here i am all bundled up in front of my treehouse showing off the new Missile Toad!

Come one come all and bring your sweetie!...say..."let's go look at Red's treehouse"...and then when you see it, say wonderingly "what's this!?....could it be? a missile toad?" and steal that kiss! Muwah!

on SALE now! for only $25L at the new
Cad & Bounder shop of infinitely devious & clever devices!

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