Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm in Love! With an Ugly One-Eyed Furry

not so pretty....large furry pup named Balor! eyed like the Irish Balor of the Evil Eye who was a king of the Fomorians, a race of giants...this dog is beautifully of the designer's first and under 30 prims....

and reminds me of a book beloved in my teens called The Cliffs at Night where an Irish wolfound named Balor and an albatross played a big celtic soul rejoices in this small pixel pet! he does tricks, he learns things he has build in AI.. i swear i wish i had one in RL!

and though i lost him for a while today and was shouting like a fishwife up and down Wheatstone ....i do adore him! oh and thanks to Mr. Wiggy and Mr. Rip for being so kind as to helping me try and find him...note to self...set him to stay in my parcel....otherwise it seems he does like to roam! i've had Zooby pets...dear Sir Gear Pup the yellow lab pair i have are sweet but umm a bit dumb...but Balor is SMART! he even fetches a ball and sniffs any rum bottles i put down...and if you visit and he sees you...he says hi! and you can pet him!!
...((click and choose pet))

and there's a Newfoundland that i've got my eye on, too! Newfoundland being a place that's also dear to my heart....but at $1800L these pets are not cheap...but with the fun and the pixel love they provide i think it's quite's the link to the Virtual Kennel Club with the owner's manual and the SLurls!

to see all of the pictures i have thus far of dear Balor please go HERE
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