Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Beachy

Thanksgiving with my family (Mum & Dad and 3 nevvy's) at the beach was really nice...had internet access but for some reason it crashed me every time i tried to get in world. so i watched Torchwood..(see below) driving back home later this morning hoping to avoid the traffic.
i do love our atlantic ocean...there's nothing like waking up in the morning to crashing waves.

Last night we went to the Ocean City Festival of Lights where you ride around on a boardwalk trolly and see the light displays....moving trolly + lights gave me some bad pics but also some interesting ones. the last one has a Pirate Ship!!!

there's something about the ocean that just calls to me...we've has had a place here since i was a i am at 14 with my first BF who i met at a teen pool party [grimaces at the 80's side braid] i make no explanations for his snoopy jogging t-shirt. [grins] but he was hot.

Now my parents come down just about every weekend...i love the beach in all weather...
sunrise in the summer whilst reading non-stop the last Harry Potter

or the time that it was just gorgeous!

but like woods....the water...the beach....resonates with me...renews my soul and just makes me just really happy and centered in my world.

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