Monday, December 01, 2008

Winter in New Babbage: Llewellyn Industries

Thank you Mayor Sprocket! factories & the Edward Topham Memorial Park (see below) are so pretty in the snow! ....and it's just a start! i'm not finished with the landscaping & decorating yet.....but wow! WOW!
Pray indulge and let me wax rhapsodic and slightly perhaps poorly poetic for just a moment:

Winter in New Babbage

Oh how i love this place...
even more so in winter's loving yet cool embrace!
The crunch of snow, the smell of soot,
Dark mystery of cobbled street & mischief afoot!
Beloved Urchins dash, scurry, and play,
Pelt snowballs, make forts, and join the fray.
Velvet bedecked townsfolk stroll and twirl
Enjoying the frosted views whilst snow swirls.
Friends meet, happy breaths frost & cloud the air
Presents are bought, fires tended, and trees bedecked with care.

Dr. O has delivered the snow forts!!!! i've set them up early for impromptu practice and frivolity! I've already heard that the Mayor has been by and has tried it out himself (a certain snowball hurler said the match was a draw!) i've also set out the bar and the rum early for those who practice and might need a medicinal restorative! soon i shall set out early snow angle making areas....because it's silly and fun....((and a great photo op!))

Winter in New there anything grander?

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Breezy Carver said...

awwww blows you kiss and sends a hug from one shore to another and across our beloved Sim ..

twirlssssssssss indeed