Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaBloPoMo - Blog It To Me Baby!

OOC: i'm hoping that NaBloPoMo is much easier to keep up with than NaNoWriMo! a few years ago i tried that...got halfway through and then collapsed...i did a deplorable job sticking with it. 8-10 pages a day! whew! so, this should be easier, right?.....nope! 11 days into Nov and i've only blogged 3 times...ayiee me! my problem with blogging OOC is that i have lots of things to say... but i quail at being entirely candid...so much blogging is self-indulgent...that's not the problem, i'm very good at being self-indulgent..but discretion is impt. to me believe it or not... being in the profession i am i really don't want my graduate students to see what's in my mind nor do i want any raised eyebrows at the next faculty tea..... not that much of what i would say would surprise people.. i'm pretty out there in RL as well as in SL, redheaded temperment will out. but the opinions i have are sometimes controversial. and educators have been *fired* for their personal blogs!

Teacher Fired Over MySpace Photo
"Think your boss has no idea what you are doing online? Think again. Randall Stross has an interesting piece in the New York Times titled “How To Lose Your Job on Your Own Time,” where he points out the growing trend of employees losing their jobs based on inappropriate or unprofessional online content. Stross notes that the nature of the internet grants increased visibility to off-the-clock activities and employers are taking an interest in what workers post online."

“Many companies are using the Internet to snoop on their employees. If you fail to maintain amorphous ‘professional’ standards of conduct in your free time, you could lose your job.”

And how about our second lives? so many educators come to SL to learn the techniques and master the virtual world so that they can implement the new technology into their curriculum then fall in love with it and stay for purely social and personal reasons (ahem! [facepalm])
could our behavior on SL be accountable back to our jobs even when we are doing them
"off the clock?".....is that next? that's why people have ALTS for their professional selves....

not that i've used her much [sighs]

the kitten logo i like....not that i have any of them....i like them better than babies....wait! that's fpr another blog....[grins] my child-free for me "i hate babies"...rant!

there...that's *much* more warm and cuddly! Blog or die!

or wait....

here..is one that's even BETTER!

hee hee it's gonna be a long month.....

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