Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cthulhu and the Dark Victorians

i've blogged about Cthulhu before and i will again i am sure as i am a bit of a Lovecraft fan...
and becuse of that sometimes i save things that amuse discussions about the Dark Victorians, Absinthe, and Cthulhu........Skusting Dagger chimes in at the end. this snippet was on ISC last 27th of February always my keyboarding skills are lacking. a published author, mr. sapwood is a dear friend now, though not much in world.. i have several of his books and i do miss his treacle mine.

[18:18] Gilbert Sapwood: hello all.. would anyone happen to have a little model cthulhu? I'll trade you a Hobo-made complete works of HP Lovecraft for it!
[18:19] Nicholas Murdock: One does not trade for Cthulhus. It finds you ;)
[18:19] Meyru Hilra: I was waiting for someone to point that out. *grins*
[18:19] Redgrrl Llewellyn: it's prolly there now....look behind you~
[18:19] Musgrave Mondegreen: I think that there is a shop in Steam Sky City that might have one
[18:19] Musgrave Mondegreen: Look for the giant Easter Island Moa
[18:20] Gilbert Sapwood: perfect, thanks, I'll look
[18:20] Marcus Tairov: Aye there is. Just look for the huge Easter Island statue..
[18:20] Gorthaur Ultsch: make sure that you cut all the trees down first
[18:20] Malone Sands: Martini Discovolante has a wonderful Lolita Cthulhus doll ... it is in my picks under her name. Contact her if you are interested. I am keeping mine ... ;=)
[18:20] Marcus Tairov: And make certain to feed the great unnamed one before you pick him up...less....something happens
[18:21] Meyru Hilra: *nods sagely* Someone will be along shortly to do a sanity check just in case.
[18:21] Gilbert Sapwood: I might have known Ms D would have something....
[18:21] Gorthaur Ultsch: she always does . . .
[18:22] Redgrrl Llewellyn: is there a place where DV congregates? ((sorry new to the DV group)) but not to Cthulhu
[18:23] Marcus Tairov: I haven't been to any AA meetings or DV meetings yet...
[18:23] Meyru Hilra: We should have a social event.
[18:23] Marcus Tairov: Something tells me a dark seedy bar with some absinth and dark poetry readings seems so cliche'.
[18:23] Gilbert Sapwood: yes we should, it has been ages.
[18:24] Redgrrl Llewellyn: i have asinthe...and also ennui
[18:24] Gorthaur Ultsch: haven't we been shunned by the Victorians?
[18:24] Gilbert Sapwood: we have??
[18:24] Meyru Hilra: I have a fabulous black dress and a jaded attitude. *tries not to grin*
[18:24] Redgrrl Llewellyn: absinthe...but my OED is not at hand, obvously
[18:24] Nicholas Murdock: There's a good selection of dark Victorian types aligned with the Winterfell sims.
[18:25] Nicholas Murdock: There's even a sim called Winterfell Absinthe :) Winterfell Laudenum has just been added too.
[18:25] Gorthaur Ultsch: I prefer my laudenum in the heat of summer . . .
[18:25] Gilbert Sapwood: Winterfell Opiate is next, and Winterfell Rum and Raisin.
[18:25] Redgrrl Llewellyn: cheers, Nicholas...Gil, let's not forget Winterfell Rumpleminz
[18:25] Marcus Tairov: And whether they like it or not, you have a lot of dark victorians in Caledon too
[18:26] Nicholas Murdock: Yes,I know of many there.
[18:26] Redgrrl Llewellyn: but is there one pub/bar/club/brothel/library where one might recline?
[18:26] Gilbert Sapwood: well, tell you what... I don't want to organize it, but if someone wants to take it on, you can use my land, and I'll break out the fog....
[18:27] Redgrrl Llewellyn: has a fondness for fog]
[18:28] Marcus Tairov: I love fog.
[18:28] Skusting Dagger: I love fog!
[18:28] Gilbert Sapwood: and I'll find a spot for Ms Llewellyn to recline.
[18:28] Marcus Tairov: Extra pea soup please!
[18:28] Meyru Hilra: *steps up to the task* I , in my black dress, do volunteer to be the Dark Victorian Hostess of Fog and Ennui.
[18:29] Skusting Dagger: I shall bring the dark dollymops
[18:29] Gilbert Sapwood: hmmm... well Frequency Picnic wanted to DJ something. She isn't in DV, but is in SL Lovecraft
[18:29] Redgrrl Llewellyn: Gilbert......[smileslanguidly]...thank you dear
[18:29] Gilbert Sapwood: Meyru, want to organize something?
[18:29] Meyru Hilra: I will.
[18:29] Redgrrl Llewellyn: i do live on a pirate ship....but my fog is lacking in Charleston i NEED more Fog...i have a fever and the only prescription is Fog.

And please to enjoy one of Gil's ghost stories recorded by the dear Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks at the Dakota Theatre...i was there that eve it was standing room only!

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