Friday, July 17, 2009

Port Christopher: The New Babbage Exhibition for Relay For Life!

New Babbage Universal Exhibition display for Relay for Life (click all images below for full size or go view the full Flikr collection)

The New Babbage Designer Sim Mars (( Right on the Track))
The New Babbage Camp site 32 .... The Universial Expo

[Capt. Red steps up to the podium and raises the Barker's cone to her lips and calls out in a true Carnivale voice....]

Step Right up Ladies & Gent's! Don't be afraid to Step Right Up! FREE to the Public and only here for a Short Time! Blink and you'll miss it! A GORGEOUS Mini Second Life build! Visit the New Babbage Relay for Life Universal Exhibition to get an idea of what the BEST builders in our Victorian Steampunk Sim can create! Take a Ride on the Merryman Ferris Wheel! Enjoy the Cleanslate & Co. Galerie de Machines! Dock your airship above the Great Obolensky Airship Deck & Observation Tower! Visit the Petit Palais for shopping and dance a daring Burlesque Hurdy Gurdy! So much to see and do and ALL FOR CHARITY! This weekend ONLY take a LAP and walk for Relay for Life! More information can be found on our Ning! Don't miss it!

Visit this Exhibition and you'll never know who you'll run into!

This is our Beloved Babbage urchin Jimmy OOC!!! A rare sighting!

Does he not look grand in his Captain's Uniform! Very Spiff i say!

Ride the Merryman Ferris Wheel! Look at the lovely views! Be careful and hold onto your hat! and your gown's skirt!....the wind in such a modern ride is fearsomely splendid!


Eeep! My Lauging Academy hat! Noooo! Must to save!

Visit the Petit Palais Shopping Arcade and view the Shocking Clockwinder's Bane! Buy gorgeous gowns & handsome garb! See The Modern Burlesque Stage!....AND hunt for the hidden Airlock!

Clockwiners Bane....sour milk is a potent brew....climb the ladder & feel the effects ...but be careful, tis a heady brew!


Buy Lovely Gowns, Dr Obolensky Gags & More!
Whilst at the Palais Buy the Lovely Velut Aurum Suite by my talented dear friend Viv Trafalgar!....Visit her shop in New Babbage or buy her winsome wares on Xstreet!!!

[looking both ways quickly she lowers the barkers cone and says to the fasionably dressed ladies in the front row before her in a consipratorial hush]
Now...when i was shopping at the Palais recently i found myself wanting to change into Miss Kembri's gown i looked around frantically for a seemly place to change ....and i spied this strange door tucked into an alcove....
upon touching the door it opened into this most beautiful airlock...i rushed in just before the door closed behind me...and voila! a perfect place to secretly change into my gown....pesky things those small windows were, but in a pinch....i made do!

[she winks saucily and raises the cone again and goes on with her barking]

Marvel at the science at the back of the lock..what makes it do that?
Find the secret Cleanslate Airlock! touch it just right and you can walk in...door closes and you can spy on visitors and jump out and scare them for fun!....not that Capt. Red would do that!


More Shopping! Buy a lovely Babbage Tartan Gown....this one is from Miss Kembri Tomson! Visit her store in New Babbage or buy her delightful wares on Xstreet! Dance the Hurdy Gurdy on the Burlesque Stage! Shocking! Modern! Created by New by the gorgeous and delightful Miss Ahnyanka Delphin of The New Champagne Rooms at New Babbage!
[says as an aside to her Ladies down front]
Capt. Red is wearing the Miss Kembri Victorian Day Gown with Feathered Hat, Bow bedecked Bustle, stockings and revealing the modern shocking bloomers!


An Aerial View of the Lovely Universal Exhibit!

Visit the Cleanslate & Co. Galerie de Machines featuring builds & Modern Machines from some of the best of our Victorian builders & Scientists!

The lovely Valhalla Tartan & Lace gown by BlakOpal designs! My talented & gorgeous friend has a huge shop in New Babbage and you can also buy her wonderous wares on Xstreet!!!

Hat by Miss Reghan Straaf of Hatpins!

Gallerie de Machines view from the Steampunk Duck Factory -


For a lovely time, visit the Exhibition at night!

See the Obolensky Airship & Viewing Dock!

See the Commons Steam Powered Globe! As Mr. Roland Zepp said in his journal "The globe tickled me because every good steampunker knows that the world is powered by steam and this was the perfect metaphor for that. " He also was very complimentary about our Build and he purchased a Red Luminaria and dedicated it to his father, an "RL Steam man who would have loved to see this" [as an aside to her audience she says] his blog has some beautiful pictures ....and great articles about fashion!

So Ladies & Gents, Visit the Exhibition! Shop! Walk! And Let's light up these luminaria! Donations are being taken and you can dedicate them to loved ones or friends or just to show your support! GO...GO NOW!...Go This weekend! Don't be the last one to see the Exhibition!

And dear New Babbagers?.....Industry Marches On! That's Why we Relay for Life! Go! Walk a Lap & Proudly Carry the Babbage Flag!
Please note send YOUR note cards or contact the lovely and charming Miss Serafina Puchkina or Visit our NING! For more information!

and when you come back?....Please take a moment to thank the lovely, tan, hard working, & generous Miss Breezy Carver for ALL her hard work making this our most successful RFL New Babbage EVER! Why not leave a comment on her page or visit her lovely Blog, too!

The Waves of a Seabreeze

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Breezy Carver said...

well my goodness (( let me wipe away the most happy tear )) .. Thank YOU so much !! YOU spent hours on that YOU Passionate Capt and it shows YOU so get it and YOU are whats it all !!
never forget that !!!
with heart
Thank YOU Dear Capt Red !!!!
YOU are Indeed a Most Special
Lady OF Babbage !!
Well Done !!!!!!