Friday, July 10, 2009

Squirrels are the BEST!

i've always liked squirrels...or squirbels as i am wont to call them. and having squirrel friends in Second Life makes sense to me as it does to have my factory kitten Buster and 3 VKC dogs....but squirrels are just a joy! i have a shoulder squirrel from our dear New Babbage Urchin  Myrtil (as seen above) and last Christmas she won 2nd place in the Ice Sculpture build contest with her adorable icy sittable snow squirrel.

i even have squirrels that scamper about my factory & treehouse grounds....proudly showing their golden acorns.

they chirp and hop about merrily

...when spring came my beautiful ice sculpture magically turned into a squirrel sitting topiary of lush green...

and it is proudly displayed in the Llewellyn Industries Factory side garden. a great piece to pose upon and all are invited to try it out! thank you so much little Myrtil dear for your talent, creativity and shared love of squirbels!

1 comment:

Myrtil Igaly said...

Thank you Captain Red!

Squirrels really are the best.
You gotta love the red ones though (the grey are evil :op)