Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diamond Addictions Are Dangerous: Custom Ring Design

so staying with my diamond loving & expert auntie LynnB for a week is going to cost me thousands!....[grins] but i've been thinking of resetting the e-ring from my first marriage for a long time. and somehow in our giddy delight of going over our baubles we came up with an idea (the trip to Tiffany & Co. and having a private champagne showing of the new Bizet series didn't help with the inspiration! - see the 2tcw princess Tiffany Bizet that was only $29,000 on the left) anyway ... taking the middle 1.o2 tcw E -VS1 pear and tilting it on its side...putting the .24 tcw trillions offset next to it and adding in 2 smaller ideal rounds .12 and .20tcw diamonds all with raised bezels set into a comfort fit platinum band will be, i think, just gorgeous!!! i emailed off the photoshopped mock up above to 3 different custom houses that my auntie has used in the past (Brian Gavin Diamonds, White Flash & Quest) and i'm looking forward to see what the quotes are for the diamonds, the cad design, the workmanship and the platinum....i really don't want to go white gold...but i worry about the size of the band.
i'll keep you, my dear readers, apprised....if it is going to be too dear i may have to save up a while for it....but the end product will be worth it as i don't wear the e-ring any longer just keep it tucked in my parent's vault. and what fun is that!!???

oh the Tiffany Keys! after trying on hundreds of thousands dollars of Bizet & Tiffany Legacy rings i ended up buying only 2 necklaces... the large oval key and a coordinating sterling bead chain (auntie lynnb got the small) and also a Tiffany Notes necklace....very, very pretty! and of course very, very, pretentious! LOL i can't help it..i have a thing for Tiffany & Co. always have....expensive habits i have thank goodness i can (selectively) and occasionally indulge it.

of course i'm the freckled pink one on the right!

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