Sunday, July 05, 2009

Behold! the Invisible Woman!

With the new SL release i've noticed something ODD whilst changing gowns in my dressing room....when i take off certain undercrackers my torso disappears!

Shocking! Amazing! What foul sorcery is this? Is this some way SL has devised to keep out Mainland rampant tacky nudity?

If so, i wholly approve! My torso comes back when shrugging on an undershirt, corset, shirt, or jacket....OR gloves..(pasties do work, as well something i only discovered by errrm sheer accident and a suggestion from Miss Writer!)

The viewer may click upon each image for a more detailed version to better examine for clues to this terrible occurrence!

In the interest of Science! i humbly submit these photos that prove this anomaly. Please do excuse the lack of proper garments in this experiment...for how could you see proof positive of this anomaly if i was properly bustled, corseted, and gowned?

So i submit to you, Science! minded members of our this the effect of long term exposure to the beloved soot of New Babbage? Some new magic that has descended upon us since that we magical and furry types in our town? The after -effects of something Dr. Gelving Obolensky has devised? He is already infamous for his Frock-Be-Gone Ray Gun! A truly hideous & shocking invention that is for sale at Cad & Bounder for $ are his claims:
"Beset by annoying suffragettes? Bothered by irritating plucky girl reporters?

Well, worry no more, as Cad & Bounder, home of the finest in villainous goods, provides, for a quite reasonable sum, the Frock-Be-Gone defabricating ray gun!

One quick pull of the trigger and those meddling females will be fleeing in embarrassment!

Comes with a stylish holster and belt, glowing lamps, and other assorted worky bits, guaranteed* to intimidate your target!"

Is this the work of a devious evil genius?
Is this some kind of environmental disturbance?
What are your thoughts my most excellent & learned readers?
Stray thoughts, outlandish theories, suppositions and spurious guesses are ALL welcome as comments!


Magdalena Kamenev said...

Dr. O needs some tea and a good liedown if he thinks being forced to run around in bloomers are going to scare some women off. Some might even view it as a stroke of good luck and a way to beat the summer heat while advocating fiercely in the streets.

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Dear Miss Kamenev, thank you so much for your kind comment! I wonder at Dr. O's advanced age of 108 years if he every takes a needed "liedown" lest he neglects to rise again.

i do also agree that wearing bloomers in the summer's heat (maybe even going without our corsets in favour of a sailor's blouse!) would be very comfortable and dare i say, modern!

please see my previous journal entry about Miss Lightfoot's new bloomers!
~Capt. Red

Eleanor Anderton said...

"Falls on the floor laughing" at seeing myself decorated in only fleurs as the backdrop for the missing torso puzzle. I need some bloomers...giggles.

Breezy Carver said...

Dearest Capt Red ....
slidessssssssssssssssss in to post on the fly please please excuse my tardiness here .. humm ponders where is that evil wonderful man grins .. why hasnt he posted to this .. last i saw him he was an adorable .. mouse eeking and all with his Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... grins at YOU .. very clever and quite entertaining but very odd !!
I have had missing tops (( blushes)) all three layors .. umm jacket shirt and tshirt versions .. but when i hit appearance it all seems to sort itself some what .. sigh .. oh speaking of tops .. head over to To a t .. she has all new shades blouses some say Captain all over them (( grins at you )) tip toes away and then .. looks over my shoulder .. whispers i love you .. twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssss away into the dusk ..