Saturday, July 04, 2009

Darling Java Bean, My Dark Hot Mistress

Mmmmm bitter java bean, dark hot mistress...
Conjurer of my daily happiness and stimulation

Topped with froth...
... I adore you.

My beloved new Keruig gives me my coffee fix every day (Thanks Mom & Dad for the B-day pressie!)...BEST PRESENT EVER!
i've always been a coffee snob..not as much as some, but i do love my dark bitter cuppa joy!.. so i never thought i could love a coffee maker as much as i do....this machine has made my mornings Sooooo Happy!

According to one of my favourite coffee websites (which just so happens to have been started by our own beloved darling Miss Ceejay Writer)

more and more people are switching to the great taste and convenience of Keurig coffee makers. Keurig brewing systems make the perfect cup of coffee every time. Simply insert the no mess K-Cup® Portion Pack into the brewer and hit the brew button. The K-Cups quickly brew one cup at a time, in under a minute" By R.L. Fielding

the site also has a great comparison of all the machines in the line. the one i own is pictured above is the :
Brewer Name: Keurig B60 Special Edition Home Brewer
Description: The Keurig B-60 raises the bar for single cup brew technology. It offers the features of the B-50, plus 3 brew-sizes, blue backlit LCD display, and chrome accents. Makes up to 8 cups before refilling 48 oz. water reservoir.
Features: Always ready and brews in under 1 minute. Programmable controls for auto-on and off, adjustable temperature, and digital clock.
Cup Size: Choice of 3 cup sizes, 10 oz., 8 oz., and 6 oz.
By R.L. Fielding
Dimensions: 13.5" H x 8.5" W x 11" D
This amazing gorgeous little machine also does other things like quick prep meals! the article Alternate Uses for Your Keurig Coffee Maker for more great ideas like for lunch AND a sweet treat!

Review of Sources to Buy K-Cups using my favourite Emeril's Original Big Easy Bold K-Cup Coffee to compare prices and shipping offers with a box of 24:

  • Keurig website Price: K-Cup Box (24) $13.95 (free shipping over $45) **BONUS** Register your Keruig here and automatically join the coffee club get 10% off all your coffee orders and GET buy 2 boxes get 2 FREE the first time you order.
  • Amazon, sold in bundle of 2 boxes of 24 count for $23 but divided out is $11.50 per box (w/FREE Super Saver Shipping over $25!)** best shipping!
  • Price: K-Cup Box (24) $10.99 (FREE shipping over $45!)
I also go to Bed, Bath & Beyond (when i need it NOW!) with a 20% coupon but B,B&B only has boxes of consider that...either way...i LOVE this Coffee!!!!


Breezy Carver said...

ahh Dear Red ..
wonderful share and Blog !!
miss you !! (so glad your having fun)
twirlssssssssssss away with Latte in hand .. grins :)

Ceejay Writer said...

Dollface! I'm so glad you're finding info and resources at my site, that really makes me smile. There's nothing like hearing that something one's built is being enjoyed and utilized! THANK you!

(And I am reminded I have a few new articles to format and upload there, and new links, and and and oh I need an evening of pure maintenance really soon!)