Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Louise Black: RL Steampunk and Project Runway

The Etheral Spirit of Louise Brooks Embodied in Steampnk Designer Miss Louise Black

Getting a tip from dear Viv Trafalgar my friend & Wheatstone neighbor Dr. Rafael Fabre posted the other day on his fabulously popular SL Steampunk blog the Heliograph about how Miss Louise Black, RL Steampunk & vintage ETSY designer is going to be on the new Project Runway - Starting on Lifetime 20 August.

WOW!!....two things close to my heart together!...Steampunk and that addictive show Project Runway. I've been a fan of Tim Gun's since the beginning! a matter of fact one of the first posts on this blog 3 years ago was Tim Gun Sighting at the Happy Harry's drugstore in Bethany Beach!

I've also been a fan of Miss Blacks for a long time and her interweb famous Victorian Anatomical Skeleton Cameo Corset in Rococo and Stripe Fabrics. Though always admiring her style, I've been on an Etsty diet since last October when i fell for the creative whimsy and talent of that Little Brown Sparrow.

So, being the addictive shopper that i am (and it's more expensive RL than SL!)...i went t her Etsy store and ordered the black peacock corset & bisque china doll arm necklace!
Still waiting for the corset...but i got the necklace! Oooooer! Creepy & Fabulous!

with the reasoning that once the show is aired she will sell out...and if she wins (and i REALLY hope she does!) her prices will undoubtedly go up or she won't have time for such work!




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From Dr. Fabre's blog i will steal share:
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Anonymous said...

Louise is definitely my pre-show favorite. Those corsets are so awesome!