Friday, July 03, 2009

The Battle of New Babbage

The Second Life Steampunk City of New Babbage waged a war against the wily (and dear friend) Evil Genius Dr. Gelving Obolensky...the conflagration consisted of many boats, steamships, rafts, and submersibles even some Caledonian militia joined with the New Babbage Militia and the mele went splendidly as i viewed from my Hot Air Balloon (seen in forefront) all until i crashed and found myself on the bottom of the Vernian Sea! how did it end up? i don't know yet! still waiting for the military men wrangling out the pesky details!
As a side note: the Primgraph was there.....reporting on the battle, nibbling finger sandwiches and secretly lobbing cannonballs. Of course it was the Primgraph that reported first the start of this revolution.
After the battle commentary:
to her enthusiastic staff observing the Battle of Babbage: "You are PRESS. We are NEUTRAL. Stop throwing cannonballs."
puts away the Meteor Control remote and puts it back in the Baron's coat pocket.
Rumor has it your staff are not happy and would like an ambulance plz.
that technically it just deflected off my hands and "towards" Dr. O.
Tsk. Daredevil photographers throwing themselves into the front line ...
its my burden
I ran over to lend aid! And found you lot eating finger sandwiches with the crust removed! Really. *shakes head*
sends chocolate from completely neutral mainland.
We are The Pimgraph. When we cover a battle, it's vital that we do it in style. ((Eats chocolate))
smiles and nods] it's good that the Victorian Press are refreshed even in the midst of a conflagration!
I brought cake. It seems a good policy. Always take cake to the Revolution - they are unlikely to have any themselves.
And this is why, dear friends, i love my Steampunk Victorian friends and city of New Babbage, Caledon in Second Life! FUN!

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