Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caledon Library Hud and How it Works

I have a dear talented friend who i have written about before...the beautiful Miss Viv Trafalgar one half of the grid-famous New Babbage Aether Salon (Miss Serafina Puchkina is her partner in culture for that venture) Viv...creator of clothing, transporters, buildings, furniture, scripted items, and more has donated her precious time and talents for the good of all! .....all who loves Libraries! She has created the Caledon Library Hud! As a Gift! That sly JJ Drinkwater can make most anyone do just about ANYthing for the Library! More on that later....Ahem!

Dear reader, you may ask...what is a hud? from the SL Wiki it is a:
"Heads up display (abbreviated HUD) is a control panel for an AO or other devices that appears (only) on the screen of the avatar wearing them"

This HUD is like a directory of Teleporters.... here...please to show you with the willing help of my dear English Sheepdog Sir Shaggy who is trying to get in on the action....silly pup!
(pray click upon the photo to see full size)

Wearing the HUD it becomes a semi-transparent icon at the bottom of your screen. Meanwhile, silly Sir Shaggy is trying to get me to look at him....i am feigning disinterest....

One would click upon that icon and get a blue menu ....Sir Shaggy begs for my attention and i am still giving him the playful cold shoulder.

The Blue Menu appears and you can see ALL the Libraries in the Caledon Library System! Clicking on one...of course the Steampunk button and you'll get a Teleporting Map. Sir Shaggy takes a break and just sits. Good boy!

The Teleporting Map comes up and you can see the destination highlighted in RED and you can click either Teleport or if you're just searching for the SLURL you can click on Copy Location to Clipboard. Click Teleport and Voila! You're, if you're in a Hubbed area of Caledon then you'll have a bit of a walk to get to the location....hint: follow the Red Beam from the sky.

Thank you SO much Viv for creating this for ALL! This HUD will be available (tomorrow) in all my libraries..look for a picture of a library and click upon it to get yours!

If you would like a created Hud for your businesses, town, or group you can Hire Miss Trafalgar for a mere $4500L her for details!


Breezy Carver said...

twirlsssss in to commend your thougtful blog .
and kudos to Miss Viv .
warm smile :)
wavesss to and leaves a treat for Sir Shaggy
(( love him ))

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

thank you dear Breezy! your comments always make me smile and feel all by the seashore! and Sir Shaggy adores you!

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