Friday, November 24, 2006

Tim Gunn Sighting in Bethany Beach, DE!!!!

No kidding, there I was at the Happy Harry's in Bethany Beach, DE minding my own business shopping for skittles flavoured lip smackers, Herbal Essence glitter spray hair gel, a nail buffer and a tacky fabulous snow blowing snowman display (I am OBVIOUSLY a classy style maven, huh?!) ....when low and behold my eye spies a slim black clad dapper figure one aisle over, right between the scented candle display and the photo counter..I turn slowly, and in gleeful incredulity, I see the handsome visage of that all familiar slicked back silver coif and that handsome face..a black leather coat, ubiquitous black turtleneck topping slim black pants and to my eye, hand-sewn black leather Italian face flushes and I exhale a delighted and awed ..Tim!.. then I cover my mouth with one hand, geisha style, eyes dancing as he turns..he smiles ruefully, charmingly, and reaches out to shake my hand saying, ..hello, I thought I heard my name.... I can only stammer an inane ..Enjoy the lovely weather!..(for though we had torrential rain and wind for Wednesday and Thanksgiving day, today is brilliant! Sunny and 60 degrees)..not wanting to be a typical sycophant and ask for an autograph or gush on about how much I LOVE him (though I DO!) or spout my favorite ..Tim-isms.. ..Make it Work,.. ..Carry on!.. and ..Gather Round!.. I just smiled impishly (or maybe it was more simperingly! Eck!) and turned away..scurried into the next Christmas decoration aisle..and jumped up and down with a silent ..YeS, Yes, YES!.. I motioned to the the cashier who beckoned me to her empty register and hissed in sotto voice ..Tim Gunn from Project Runway is in this store!.. she looked at me quizzically and I supplied .. you know, the fashion design show on Bravo with Heidi Klum. Aufedersein?....she shook head in negative and said .."if its not on Disney, I don't watch it".. immediately I felt a quick rush of sympathy and thank Goddess i'm so happily Child-free!

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