Saturday, June 13, 2009

Victoria Station: The Undergrid & Bloomers! OhMy!

i recently got a notecard from Mr. Mavromichali Szondi about a new portal or hub that's opened called Victoria Station.... here's what the notecard said:

What is Victoria Station and the Undergrid? Victoria Station is a new way to link the Steampunk Victorian themed sims across the grid. You can get to the station via one of our many Station Entrances located in Victorian Steampunk sims. You do this by clicking the entrance then clicking Teleport when the map appears. Inside the station is a pleasant area where you can meet people, sit and talk at the café area, and socialise, but it's main purpose is to provide links to destinations like any station in real life. Here, in Victoria Station, you click the link for the sim you wish to visit and are given a landmark to that sim.
It's a convenient place to stop to find Victorian Steampunk sims so you can visit them, but that's not all. The main purpose is to link to other destinations too. Think of the station as a virtual directory, with all the best of the Victorian period and Steampunk style creators in one place. They advertise their stores and services as destinations at the station: in subject groups ie. 'Clothing' or 'Home and Garden'. This gives you an easy one stop shop to quickly find what you are looking for, all in one place. Want to rent? Then just click one of the boards and follow the simple instructions. Destination boards can handle notecards, landmarks, objects (in notecards) and a sound, and our rates are low. We also have Events boards. These have a 3 week rental limit, and different pricing structure than the regular adboards. Visit the station and touch a free event board to find out more. We hope you find the Undergrid useful: Happy Travelling!
The Undergrid is the brainchild of Nix Sands and Mavromichali Szondi.
Undergrid, the Undergrid idea, the word Undergrid and the Blue Triangle Symbol are Copyright © 2009 Silverstar Holdings

so of course i had to go over and explore this! i went so fast, i forgot to change my clothes and went out in my short skirt....the kind i wear around the house and when visiting my smuggling cave & urchin hideout under the treehouse.
what i found was a large could even say brackish, station...with eerie station sounds all around me. of course as a Babbager and a lover of the bracing atmosphere of soot, i felt right at home! as i turned i saw through the gloom and saw Mr. Mavromichali Szondi himself! he was kind enough to show me around. on one end of the station there are displays and links to all the Victorian era sims

Babbage was right there on the top!

on the other end was a display of ads for Tourist Destinations...and no surprise to me that our own business savvy Miss Breezy Carver has her two popular properties listed (and Mr. Cleanslate's lovely Hotel Excelsior!) ...and with her help i added a top shelf ad for.....

The Great Obolensky Metal Steampunk Treehouse!

looks pretty spiffy up there, huh?! and at only $30L a week (same as a search listing) but to a directed, interested, and like minded's a great deal! though i don't *sell* anything i do adore having visitors...and i have a wishing well for it may pay for itself, you never know! it's definitely worth giving it a chance....i talked with dear Nix Sands today about it and it was his idea that Mr. Szondi made manifest...AND they have FREE underground station entrances and signs you can add to your build if you want to encourage cross sim visits. which, i do! so i hid a 2 prim entrance on both my properties....hopefully they'll get found and used. i always get a thrill when i'm exploring and i find something that a builder puts in as a secret, room, gift, or find.

i've always wanted an easy way to get to all of our Victorian sims.....what a fun idea for a station! reminds me of Harry Potter Train Station! [is a huge Potterfan!] but really... the station also has areas for clothing ads, and all kinds of services, brochures, and well as a snack bar serving British food! sort of like a Tourist Bureau for all the Victorian sims! why not go check it out!
here's the SLURL.

Going Bonkers Over Bloomers!

(Lord Smashington Guard gets the bloomer treatment!) no blog post is complete without a shopping tip!

i got a great one from dear Miss Breezy Carver (does this woman ever rest!??) this morning about a new To a T collection! dear reader, you might remember that i wrote about her lovely dotted bloomers that i wore for my Stockings! How Shocking Autopilotpatty Poppy of course i just HAD to check out this new collection!

So this was Breezy's note:
Bloomers in Public! The scandal! Yes, To-a-T has made bloomers, feel free to wear these in public places. Think of the outrage, think of the attention! ;-) Sarah Jane Bloomers & Automated Alice ensemble is at the main shop in Eyre now. The striped bloomers are trimmed with bows & ruffles at the knee. The Automated Alice is an underbust corset made of hand worked metals, this model is made with iron and gold, velvet padding inside for comfort. Also included is the ruffled blouse in luxurious silk, a lovely lace and ribbon choker, and the piece de resistance - a winged cog fob watch (Tempus Fugit) that plays a lovely french tune and chimes the hours by steam. It's all topped off with a Tesla Bowler that sparks on touch! Smart & Sassy. This ensemble comes in 7 colors: Canary Cornflower Saffron Lavender Sage Black Candy
so after i visited Victoria Station i rushed over there to take a peek and sure's a delightful outfit! with Miss Kembri's back bustle half skirt from her RFL tartan gown that i've written about before. here's a closeup of the Tempus Fugit watch. i moved it up from the bloomers for a more seemly and [cough] proper photo:

so though i don't know if i'll ever feel ......entirely comfortable...walking around Babbage in just these bloomers...(though i did go over to the stockyard and visit dear Gatsby, Sera, Jed & Jimmy to see Gat's new build in them)....i do see a LOT of possibilities for accessorizing with this...and the Tesla bowler hat with electric lightning & buzz was worth the whole outfit!
ALL this for less than $600L!

SLURL: To a T Victorian Couture, Caledon Eyre
Terry's Blog: To a T


Breezy Carver said...

Wonderful wonderful Capt Red and quite creative as always ... happy twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssss \hugssss you tight ..
ever breezy :)

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Aww thanks dear really was an homage to YOU...could you tell? now post that blog with pics of you in your purple bloomers! the world wants to see!! i know i do!

Terry Lightfoot said...

Hey, Capt. Red, thanks for the lovely review. Very fun, and I like seeing it combined with other things. Just how I envisioned it :-)

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

Miss Lightfoot i am honored you liked my little write up! was delightfully decadent to wear [gasps] public! you certainly have such an amazing talent my dressing rooms are stuffed with your gowns! Cheers!
~Capt. Red