Wednesday, August 05, 2009

1884 Steampunk Movie, Cuppa Brown Joy, and Exploring with Pith Helmets

Gilliam Animator Brings Puppets to Steampunk
"Take one part steampunk, add a dash of spy comedy, mix liberally with puppets and computer animation — and you've got the recipe for 1884: Yesterday's Tomorrow, a film concept by animator and frequent Terry Gilliam collaborator Tim Ollive.

Tim Ollive was an animator and model maker for Monty Python movies The Meaning of Life and Life of Brian, and has done visual effects for numerous other Gilliam projects, including Brazil, Twelve Monkeys, Time Bandits, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now Gilliam is backing Ollive's own film 1884, a collaboration with production designer Dennis De Groot.

The promotional trailer is a proof-of-concept reel, shot entirely on Ollive's kitchen table, to test out the effects for an eventual feature-length film. The clunky feel of the animation and Thunderbirds-style marionettes is deliberate, trying to evoke the sense that it was filmed using the same steam-powered technology it depicts.
By Lauren Davis, 2:24 PM

Of course it goes without saying that the puppets bother me with or without strings... i fear them as i do muppets & clowns. give me a zombie, a vampire (non-sparkly kind, please) and how could i not love this though.....i mean really, Terry Gilliam? and snarky...loves that snarky British humour...or rather, English....Welsh, Scottish & Irish humour is slightly different.
[says the Welshie] i think it's all time we rocked out with this again, darlings!

When i say Aasam.... you say Lovely!


now....with this cuppa i think you need a new Explorers outfit resplendent with pith your Second Life, no? Yes, please! Dear Viv Trafalgar has done it again! (and i must humbly add that yours truly suggested the animal print corset, garters, and open jacket version) because we all know that beneath our gowns our undercrackers must be something....special! i really love the bustle in this gown...and the leggings!~ one must have our lower limbs protected when trudging through the wilderness....otherwise known as the mainland. i add my monocle...butterfly net... and an ammo belt to the ensemble.....a tinted optics are critical to protect your eyes from *bling*. please do NOT explore unprotected!


Rhianon Jameson said...

"...tinted optitals are critical to protect your eyes from *bling*. please do NOT explore unprotected!"

Indeed! One is reminded of the adage: "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades."

Viv Trafalgar said...

loves 'please do NOT explore unprotected!'

thank you Red!

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

thank you for your comments, dears![grins] and hope i don't hurt anyone's feelings with the teasing comments of bling...[winks to a certain beloved twirler]...but really each one has their own style...and reasons to flaunt conventions [winks] that's the fun of fashion!