Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Amazing Artistry of Dr. Katri Kaligawa

I proceeded with delight a week or so ago to the Perdido Street Gallery, Babbage Square To coincide with Doctor Kaligawa's first rezday, a special exhibition of her drawings and photographs. Organized by Elilka Sieyes . If you've never visited the Gallery, i would urge you to go! Here's the SLURL. What a lovely exhibit this was! Happy Rez Day dear, talented Dr. Kaligawa! much so, that i was compelled to both buy prints and to commission a special "piece" seen above and below...well worth the trip!

A rather unusual personage appeared before us!

an example of her amazing artwork: Drawing by Dr. Katri Kaligawa

in the secret room upstairs Mr. Holmes re-enacted a recent murder for my delight.

Afterwards we adjourned to my Treehouse's secret rum smuggling cave & opium den

Holmes feel back to his bad former habits...[sighs]...well, I am a bad influence!

So taken with her work - as I have always been...I commissioned her to take a few shots of the Great Obolensky Steampunk Metal Treehouse. Here are the amazing results:

Gorgeous, no?


Rhianon Jameson said...

Most definitely a bad influence! *grins*

Gorgeous pictures, though.

Roland said...

Dear Captain Llewellyn,

Please forgive my lack of recent response.

While certain unfortunate influences of a more mundane nature have kept me from my correspondence, your recent foray into the Gorey House and now this wonderful exposé of Dr. Kaligawa's artwork (not to mention your previously placed shameless hint), prompt me to share with you my delight and wonder.

Thank you for your wonderful reportage and I beg you to continue your explorations and ruminations. I particularly look forward to your new facilities. A new look often results in a new outlook as well, and I often find such renewal in my own work.

Thank you, once more.

Yr. Obt. Svt.
Roland Zepp