Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Ogdred Weary House

Dear beloved reader...sadly, this Victorian Lady has been lapse this week...lazy, indolent, and behind in her reporting. i have so much to share with you and sometimes it just takes a while to process the information because i want to do everything i share with you justice! enough boring you with excuses and onto the fun! (though comments do encourage me to blog more often [winks at the blatant shameless hint])
In my explorations across the canal...after i was transfixed with delight by The Workshop (my previous post)... i kept exploring and delighted in re-visiting the Ogdred Weary [hands over the SLURL] house created by Babbage's own talented Miss Artemisia Paine. This is definitely a labour of love for Miss Paine and it shows in every detail and texture. Based on the work of the talented illustrator and author who holds a special space in MY little heart....Edward Gorey. As a librarian and an avid reader i became enamoured with his work when i was a teen reading voraciously the novels by John Bellairs which Mr. Gorey Illustrated the covers . Another love of Mr. Gorey's work and influential in my life is Masterpiece Mystery by WGBH Boston. "Derek Lamb tuned the macabre cartoon drawings of Edward Gorey into the opening and closing credits for the series." So maybe you can understand why this beautiful build struck such a resonant chord within me the moment i stepped in. Greeting you at the door is a picture of Mr. Gorey. "He also published under pen names that were anagrams of his first and last names, such as Ogdred Weary, Dogear Wryde, Ms. Regera Dowdy, and dozens more" (Wikipedia) The wallpaper....the furniture and the stand up characters are all beckoning you to explore. If you were as charmed as i was do leave a small donation to keep this unique and artistic build in New Babbage. Please visit the Edward Gorey house, join its membership & buy cool Edward Gorey inspired item in the online shop!

Clothing in these shots: many visits and 2 outfits!
The Victorian Ladies Explorers Outfit by Mr. Solivar Scarborough Per his profile: Shop on Lo Lo. Hat by Viv Trafalgar Outfitters and Burnt Ankle boots by Lassitude & Ennui

Second photo: Miss Montez collection gown & corset by Miss Cutea Benell of Grim Bros with Silent Sparrow undercrackers & Miss Hollow Collection by Wretched Dollies which i will be blogging about soon! . (i mix and match all the time!)

a special thanks and a wave to Miss Rhianon Jameson, Miss Breezy Carver , and His GraceEdward Pearse, Duke of Argylle for your readership and your frequent comments!


Breezy Carver said...

Smiless at YOU, Great Blog to a true most special Build and Miss Paine , just proves there is so much around us and our beloved home of New Babbage ..

((( ahh the dear canals so full of wonders and magic indeed .. and some grand hauntings :) )))
You look stunning as always .. (( smiles ))
very nice love the garters ,how delightful you have found WD .. Ms.Star is a delight, breezy always enjoys her most darling creative creations .. wavesssss with a warm smile and twirls away now

Rhianon Jameson said...

Comments? You like comments? *grins* Just remember: we're always reading, reading, reading your blog. Oh yes, even that entry you wanted to take back. *big grin*

I agree that the house is one of the special places in Babbage. Still in theme, it adds a bit of whimsey to the neighborhood. And who doesn't like Edward Gorey?