Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now This Really Goes TOO Far!

I come home to my factory yesterday and find half of it carted away! -sold for scrap most likely- who knows where! and fires set on the main floor - they're still smouldering!

....that's it! after a well-earned beating....i fired all my factory workers (save the most comely & pliable) All factory work and manufacturing will be outsourced! ...and i am going to rebuild... opening a pirate pub & reading room! Ha ha! stay tuned.....

it all started a few weeks ago.....

there was an uprising in my factory...my bloody workers...
i guess i feed them too much and don't beat them enough!

first i find a bomb

i built a garden for them...there's plenty of soot!

and then someone spiked my tea!

i got better....

so, what's a factory owner to do?


((ps. i left the tea out... it packs a wicked punch but it's great fun! i wrote about this special set here! Nell gets first dibs since she was the one who showed me where to get it! LOL))


Carmen said...

My dear Red,

It sounds like you'd best consider a retreat to the shores of Silent's Folly. I fear New Babbage isn't treating you with the respect you so richly deserve. Please let me know if the Vorpal Bunny is required to come whip your malcontents into line.

Much love,


Rhianon Jameson said...

How terrible! It just goes to show that good help is hard to imprison, er, find.