Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea & Sympathy: Wickedly Delightful Deadly and Delish!

Attention fellow Merry Young Widows of Caledon!....or Merry Widows from New Babbage or any town or village! All Merry Widows or like minded ladies might appreciate this fine Poisoned Tea Set brought to my attention by a note from Miss Strathearne of New Babbage with this written upon it:
"I have no idea what (who who) you'd use it for....but I thought you'd get a giggle out of this *grin*"
Now, whyever would she think i would need it? Hmmmmm??? my past comes back to haunt me, it seems??! [smiles slowly] so, i went to the shop and it is as advertised:

"Have some unwanted guests? Serve them a steaming hot cup of tea from this unusual set. They'll comment on the subtle almond flavor...and then drop dead from the strychnine!

Tea tray is set with Teapot, Teacup and saucer, sugar cubes, spoon, a dainty lace napkin, a plate of cookies, and a bottle of strychnine. Less prim-heavy version coming soon."

What a lovely way to entertain guests that have become less than entertaining or beloved! i was also struck by the other offerings at her site of Miss Nox Pinion.. i am determined to buy several of her offerings! such as this black and white tea gown she's wearing, just adorable!

....i do suggest a peek! anyone thirsty or care for a cookie? now...don't fret that funny taste, tis but the almonds, i assure you!
~Capt. Red

ps. just ran across this wickedly funny bunny.....very tempting to put it in my garden to ward away evil spirits and troublesome furries! (the *not nice* kind!)

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Breezy Carver said...

Ha great share i shall .. be by very soon agreed want the gown !!
hugss ya and twirlsssssss away :)