Friday, September 19, 2008

When Good Habits Go BAD!

i love my Chatham Warmth riding habit! comes with a hat, veil, stockings, shoes, AND two different riding crops!....but beware! when you wear it without the glitch pants (so you can enjoy the stockings)...look what happens!
i didn't know that when i sat down to chat with Miss Ceejay and Miss Sera in her charming house in Steel Sky City.....that i would be unkowingly exposing myself! and thank you dear Sera for pointing it out to me....and Miss Ceejay did you have to pull on it so? Really! "twap!" it went making me grumble "at least i wear knickers!"
quite a Lady i've now become since retiring from piracy!

So.....girls! be warned..before you venture out looking charming, take a quick sit test first or *your* creamy flesh and lacy bits might be showing!

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