Sunday, September 28, 2008

Masterpiece Theatre Plays Steampunk

Opium! Pirate Pubs! Hidden Treasure and Villians Galore!

"Billie Piper plays Sally Lockhart this Sunday on Masterpiece Theatre on any local PBS station. In this adaptation of the first book in the quartet, The Ruby in the Smoke, the orphan Sally Lockhart, armed with a pearl-handled pistol and her keen mind, uncovers the secrets of her father's death, discovers hidden cursed jewels, and faces England's deadliest villains. Sally's friends, the street-smart Jim (Matt Smith) and the besotted Frederick (J.J. Feild), help her expose the truth — no matter how dangerous. Sally navigates through the twisting plots with the dexterity of a sharp-eyed detective. Julie Waters plays an old woman bent on Sally's murder."

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