Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This Librarian is Inked! ....temporarily, that is!

i could not help myself....i saw these on Arche McPhee and had to get them for myself and my fellow librarians! and at a recent national conference of us i wore them proudly...earning everything from thrilled murmured compliements (which i ADORED!) to stricken eyes and censorious gazes! (which i loved even more!!) for a former punk retro burlesque styled librarian these were just too delicious to ignore!
for those of you with a similar literary and fearless bent may i suggest:

what you may not be able to see: Born to Read, Alas, Poor Yorick, Overdue! (with skull) Literate for Life, Read or Die or my fav, Book Lust!
btw, did you like the corset? really thinking of getting one of these done on me PERMANENT.. yet there still lingers the proper lady who does not want to mar my flesh save for what is needed for earbobs...
~Capt. Red

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