Saturday, August 30, 2008

a Talented & Kind Visitor

as you may have gathered, gentle ship is open to the public for self tours...i have a notecard giver that provides historic links and info about the real Queen Anne's Revenge...sometimes people tip me (that's always a happy surprise!) and sometimes they give me hostess such is above....
a gorgeous shot of my thoughtful and kind!
the visitor was kaffe Nightfire
[06:56] kafe Nightfire: Hi - I just dropped you a picture I did. Somebody told me this was your ship, so I thought you might like one.
[06:57] kafe Nightfire: Just sent a second copy, with full perms

Mr. Nightfire, according to his profile, is a am i!...and a former resident of Silent's Folly...Hmmm Nightfire...wonder if it's an ALT? Eep!
i met this girl once who told me she had 20+ ALTS and i was astounded! how do you discover ALTS? really.... does everyone have an ALT? how do they keep up with one? maybe i'm indolent, but i guess i don't know *how* one would run a successful ALT nor do i have the patience or time with even one it seems! Popeye said, "i yam what i yam"

ANYway...back to dear kafe
i adore the picture he shows in his Picks of Wando/Silent's Folly....and i should warn him i may just nab it, pay $10L and upload it for my profile pic, too! it would be an homage!

i'm so fortunate for the kind visitors to my ship... i just don't like it when they play with my scripted furniture......that's just tacky! i always feel like Reddylocks..."someone's been sleeping in my bed!" and they didn't make it before they left! i also don't like being walked in on when changing...Ahem! enough about that!
now... the dance balls are out for guests to use...even below the ship in the Mer grotto there is a Mer dance for visitors and parties! enjoy!

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