Sunday, August 10, 2008

Confessions of an SL Shoppaholic

(Wardrobe Trunk gown with parasol and Grim Bros backpack)

i LOVE shopping more in SL than i do RL i'm a go in, get it, and get out kinda gal... i adore keeping up on all the new styles but i also don't stray far from my funky classics... as a former hardcore punk rock chick i've never strayed far from wearing lots of black...but now i mix it with grey, wine, and green cashmere and of course always pearls! add to that fishnet stockings, catseye sunglasses and mary jane platforms. think of a retro 50's burlesque punk rock librarian. (who also has 10+ coach bags...eep!)

but shopping in SL is Soooo different! i LOVES it! esp. since i've gone Victorian/Caledonian/Steampunk full time. i used to shop at Touch of Ireland (West of Ireland) and i still love that store for richly textured costumes! but shopping for Victorian & Steampunk fashions have added a new thrill to it! especially since i don't have to hand sew the garb! (i'm NOT going to talk about my SCA and historic re-enactment garb making or costuming struggles of th past! LOL)....but in SL...Ahhh all the bustle and the boning and none of the hand setting! delish!
i gave a shopping tips card out in-world a while are the highlights... just in case you missed it! Miss Eleanor's alerts are also very very inspiring...and some cause shopping for christmas you MEAN to only get the freebies but sometimes you see something else...and they got you!

So here are my scoops..Favourite Shops and FREE stuff!

Wardrobe Trunk
My Favourite Store: and yes...i have bought EVERY gown and ensemble in it! and yes, i am a bit ashamed....[grins]...but it's good being a rich widow! it's a small but addictive store that has amazing gowns that come with SO MANY pieces! hats, shoes, stockings, parasols, glasses, lorngettes, traveling suitcases that open (bottom right of the second photo!) and other fun accessories! and i've bought every one! go there now...and enjoy! and if we ever show up in the same gown it'll be a hoot! or, if it bothers you we can always change! Oh! and i've sent sweet but begging notes and IM's to the talented designer asking her to make more....but to no avail!

the only problem with the LM is that it drops you around the corner from the have to walk around a big building and look for the Old Theatre bldg and all the dress displays are on the Mezz TP just fly up......whew! worth the trek....

Grim Brothers - Steampunk Wasteland and Victorian Emporium
My other Favourite shop is Grim Bros - Clematis Island
and embarasingly enough...i also own almost ever gown they sell...[blushes]...hey, i don't do crack(it's whack!) ....this is my drug of choice! and it's not hard to do when most of the gowns are less than $300 each...and a LOT of them include stockings, hats and extra pieces!!!
Miss Montez ensemble has almost 20 pieces and is only $199!!! it has a corset, a lace textured blouse, a high standing collar...AND this lovely sheer black tophat!!! and let's not talk about the backpacks/novelty tophats there...SO fun!!

i have such a girl crush on Nonna Hedges...she's a passing friend even...and i try not to implore her to create new victorian gowns....i would chain her to a laptop and spoon feed her if could so much i love her hats and lace gowns!.....So when i discovered several FREE gowns on the 2nd floor of the store...(i couldn't find the stairs and flew up!) i was SOoooo excited!!
NOTE: they're not all marked FREE so you have to mouse over and see that they are priced at $0L! i esp. liked Red silk velvet mermaid free dress PICASSO mermaid (pictured!) there's also a Picasso Red and Black Plaid suit!

FREE mermaid tail (and merman tail) and a FREE mer AO!
ever want to get your "mermaid on?" lure a few sailors onto your rocky shore?
go outside the store and turn's by the front door on the right! make sure to pick up the FREE AO.....and feel free to swim in my lagoon anyday!

FREE Pirate GARB....
make your man or yourself (good for either sex) into a swashbuckler with Royal Pirate outif...or a yourself a pirate wench! the free Royal outfit on top RIGHT side of store! other free things also there ...look around!

FREE Lassitude & Ennui Signature Summer (or Roman!) Sandals. 3 colours and 3 metals!

FREE Fairy Wings, Lingerie and Skin

just a note: i LOVE her fairy dresses...have like 10...but watch out some of them contain skin and the Olde Worlde Fairy....(my FAV!) has that in the folder...went to Add to Outfit evrything and ended up not looking like ME! and i HATE that.....Eeep! i'm very skin monogamous...even bought makup in my skin (Red's skin is sans makeup)...but i rarely wear it because i don't think it looks like "me" or Red...or...nevermind! Enjoy the tips! .....


Cyn Peccable said...

Thank you for reminding me of the Wardrobe Trunk clothing! I remember stumbling upon those outfits (in another location, tho' I can't say for sure where) in my early days - when I had fooled myself into thinking my single decent outfit was all I needed to get by.

I hope to see you sometime during my wanderings in Babbage -- but be forewarned that I do have a bit of tunnel vision which, when combined with persistent daydreaming, often makes me oblivious to my surroundings. So you may need to fire a warning shot or two in my general direction to get my attention.

Capt. Red Llewellyn said...

I'm so glad you found that helpful, Miss Peccable! Wardrobe trunk is a great store! and of course Grim Bros...i swear none of these designers pay me to gush over them i wonder even if they mind me announcing their free dresses...
here's a FREEbie Shopping thread i started in New Babbage...and i also am very absent minded in world...and need a shout or nudge to rouse...cheers!