Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mary Sues in SL..."Yay, Go Me!"

i was a the pub with two of my most beloved gorgeous/ smart/amazingly erudite/and perceptive english teacher friends earlier this eve...and we were all brainstorming and talking about fan to use it as a force of good with her advanced HS English students...using Blogs, Ning's and Wiki's Ohmy! and how the kids could choose a character and write either a journal (like the Very Secret Diaries of LotR! Hint: read Legolas first!)...on a wiki as that character...or create a Ning page with each student having a Ning page as the character and then they would write back and forth IC and come up with alternate events, etc... that they would expand upon (still hashing this a librarian and a ed tech specailist i see the potential for this as well as for collaborative writing using my Wiki's...any suggestions made as comments are VERY welcome!)

.....anyway, the topic of Mary Sues came up and A.G taught us all about what and who she is!... don't know what a Mary Sue is?...
watch my dear....

and it occurred to me now that there are and always HAVE been Mary Sues in RP!...whether in SL or in Mudd's or internet based chat role play (WBS-Inn of the Weary Traveler and Glenshadows pub..think of text-based live chat multiplayer D&D with out the 20 sided die) ...something i did 15 years ago! and i remember i had an IMP or ALT character i would bring out when i came across a Mary Sue when bored or irritated by the vapidity around me for SATIRE....Called Princess Lily Lambdragon -- i've gotta find that RTF/Simple Text file!!! i know it's somewhere on a external HD...i'll find it and post it later! (that name didn't exist for me back then though the concept originated in 1974! with a Star Trek FF parody) and there is a homo-erotic twist to it that somehow seems to come out in FF. Starting of course with Kirk/Spock

and ending with Harry/Ron as seen here in a HILARIOUS clip from the Soup!

MarySues happen a LOT in HPFF! (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Mary Sues in SL?
there are too many Faerie/Princess/Fighter/TimeLord/Mermaid (eep!)/Baby Ancient Dragons/Unicorns with Big blue eyes and long blonde sparkly gorgeous thick curly tresses... around to not see the correlation. the very nature of our AVA's ....SCREAM...Mary Sue!
all of our female AVA's are at least 6'2 and the men are 7 foot easy! and how many pudgy or old AVA's have you seen in-world? i saw one once at Fibber McGee's with a walker and nearly fell off my couch for laughing and LOVING him!!! because the lure of perfection is too, too, seductive!

and yes, Clarice..i am "strong enough to point that high-powered perception at" myself....and see that WOW...i'm a bit Mary Sue! i mean..(quoting from my Ning profile) "Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge a RELIC ship docked in Silent's Folly Wando...Privateer, Explorer, Librarian, Mermaid, and a member of the Independent State of Caledon, New Babbage, New Toulouse, Opus Free Port, Silent's Folly, and Winterfell."

AND Little Red Riding Hood!
EEp!!....Well, at least i don't have a unicorn!

and yes...i'm starting to agree with my adorable panhellenic brilliant/adorable/gorgeous/ learned young friend (A.G.) and think Bella in Twilight is a Mary Sue!

Gosh Darn! ....well, at least she's clumsy!

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