Thursday, May 21, 2009

Miss Reghan Straaf: More than Just a Mad Milliner

Now a Daring Dressmaker!
risking the fear of sounding name-dropping i must admit my bias to this blog post...for i am proud to say that Miss Reghan Straaf is one of my oldest friends in Second Life...having met her over a year ago through mutual Caledon friends Miss June Wozniak and noted SL & RL storyteller Mr. Gilbert Sapwood ((Dale Jarvis)) i was charmed by her from the first.

she has even talked me into being a tiny furry Red fox which would, for anyone else, be a herculean task! of course, she's so adorable in and out of tiny form i can deny her nothing and she's fun to hang out with playing greedy greedy or dancing with her handsome & charming twin Reg. i must admit, dear reader...i haven't blogged about her hats before because i did not want to look like i was just a bragging indulgent enthusiastic friend (but i have always loved and worn her hats!) but now with this new venture of gowns...i am compelled to! appearances be damned...these new gowns are worth talking about!

Reghan, The Library Militant, made her pledge to Sir JJ Drinkwater. Spiffing uniform!
Such Talent!
Admitedly, i don't understand such talent as she possesses. being unrepentantly indolent, lazy and unproductive on the grid her powers of creativity astound me. she even has time to work for Sir JJ Drinkwater as a Library Militant (see her photo above) Apparently, not satisfied with being one of the most talented milliners on the grid...don't know her work? here's my proof the Autumn Sunset hat $300L shown with the MP Moxie P. Autumn Leaves Gown $580L also at the Haute Couture Sim right near Hatpins! Here's the SLURL.

Why Dresses?
she said she became a bit bored by the challenge of hats and now has added dressmaker to her title! she's taken all those same creative and innovative fashion skills and have applied them to dresses!....and the fact that i've roused myself from my usual indolence to write about this is significant. full stop.

Being Reghan and a perfectionist with incredible taste and style her dresses are of course delightful. she designed this Lady Nora gown with many options...a lovely lowcut unadorned bodice or with a cute white ruffle and bow. I'm also wearing her Steampunk Rafael RFL Tophat can see the display for both these in the background
pray, see below.

knowing my penchant for accidentally showing my lower limbs. she has thoughtfully made the glitch pants mod. for those new to SL this is where you can digitally "hem" your pants so they are "boy shorts" or shorter so that you can wear your favourite garters & stockings under the gown!...

(click for full size image, then please pray come back)

to do this wear the pants...and click on your name and chose EDIT APPEARANCE click on Pants, and raise them up by sliding bar towards short. adjust to taste and modesty!
you know, dear reader...this makes me remember....
i have a whole ranting blog about what i wish i could ask for if a dressmaker wanted to know what an SL Fashion junkie would want if i could ask for anything...i've never finished or published that one...Hmmmm

but back to this lovely gown...the textures of the skirt are just....LUSH! and of course as soon as i visited her studio and saw the works in progress i BEGGED for a green gown! and Voila! here it is! but don't worry blondes and brunettes...there are plenty of magenta and pink gowns for you.

Anyway....Visit the lovely huge store HATPINS (SLURL) in Haute Couture... that's where you can find all these fashions~!!
Join the Hatpins Group
it really is worth joining the Hatpins group the tag is: The costs $100 but it makes up for that and more.... because every month she gives away a free hat or gown that's worth $300L or more!...this month it's the new Lady Carrie gown.... it's definately worth one of your 25!

The group joining sign is right over the NOT TO BE MISSED Dollarbie hat display!!
...with more than 6 great hat deals for only $1L! (no group tag needed)
also....NEW To SL avatars can get super special deals! tell your newbie friends or Oxbridge students!
Congratulations dear Reghan!....So, though she is a friend and i'm a lucky girl to have so many talented and generous amazing designer friends (Viv! Elle! Auds! Cutea & Nonna!) this new line of gowns has really WOW'd me! so much i had to write about it...(and no, she didn't aks me to!) and i never take $L for my blogs (though i've been offered and tempted)

I'm not the only one who admires Miss Reghan Straaf! Our own dear golden hearted Breezy Carver, Lady Skusting has written about her talent and good taste!

enjoy dears and happy shopping!

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