Sunday, May 10, 2009

SNL: Holy Motherlover! It's Funny Again!

i've watched SNL for a long...long...LONG time (yes, i'm old) i used to kneel before the big console TV and cheer when David Bowie performed Ashes to Ashes back in the 80's...laughing at those wild and crazy guys Steve Martin & Dan Ackroyd..and Tales of Ribaldry where the double entendre was randy, saucy, and oh so amusing! (in which a young Mel Gibson is pretty hot, too as the lusty woodsman!) please to enjoy

i took some years off...came back for Mike Meyers and i happen to think that Alec Baldwin is one of the funniest men in the world and i can't resist his Schweddy balls to Christopher Walken...what girl doesn't love Colonel Angus?! and yes, i do want more cowbell..Oh and Mr. Walken...he's such a PRANKSTER!!)

but some years SNL shows are just snoozeworthy...but not last night~!

Justin Timberlake is a talented dude, whether you like his music or not...he's just damn funny on SNL and last night's show was chock full of cameo and guest appearances from Leonard Nemoy and those new Trekker dudes

to Susan Sarandon (in the below music sequel to the higly viral Dick in a Box short) that is just so's right

to Jimmy Fallon with Justin doing the Barry Gib show (watch for where Justin loses it)

and then there were the fake comericals which i have always loved..the Mom Celebrity Translator is a HOOT!

Ahhhh sorry about any ads you had to see before you could see the vids...and some that i wanted to share just weren't to be found...but i gar-un-tee you that the Motherlover will be passed around like the dancing chipmunks, dancing baby, and the drugged up kid from the dentist...but really? Justin...i'm a me!

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