Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Christmas Freebies at Hudson's Stained Glass Desires

i have such a love affair with the store Hudson's Stained Glass Desires...i've talked about it before..gushed even...but my word they just do NOT disapoint! in the picture above you can see the bevy of lovely gifts and freebies for the Christmas Season...from the left:
Victorian Secret black & red lingerie set..(HOT!) the small ornament jewelry...
the Harvey's Bristol Creme sherry tray and two glasses, a fruit plate, a lovely potted plant in the magic wolf jar, a really pretty (though here not rezzed) globe light...touch on and off...and behind that a man's winter sweater set. WOW! it really is worth joining the group for these lovely and oh so generous gifts!

Dear Miss Eleanor Anderton also recently sent me a notecard of shopping tips as did dear
Miss good friends and fellow dear shopping buddies...i am so blessed!

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